How to Become an Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster

An inland marine insurance adjuster is a professional responsible for assessing and adjusting claims related to inland marine insurance policies.

Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster
Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster

Inland marine insurance is a type of insurance that covers goods, materials, and equipment in transit over land or stored at various locations away from a company’s main premises. It’s often used to cover property that doesn’t fall under traditional property insurance. Well, there are lot of valid information that you can get as long as you can read further till the end of this post.

Who is an Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster?

An Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster is a professional who specializes in assessing and adjusting claims related to inland marine insurance. Going further, inland marine insurance is a type of insurance coverage that typically covers goods in transit, property in temporary storage, and other specialized types of property and equipment that may be moved or transported over land.

Duties of Inland Marine Insurance Adjusters

The role or duties of an inland marine insurance adjuster involves several key responsibilities:

Claims Assessment

Evaluate claims filed by policyholders related to damage, loss, or theft of property covered under an inland marine insurance policy.


Conduct thorough investigations to determine the extent and cause of the loss or damage, often visiting the site where the incident occurred.

Documentation and Reporting

Document findings, create detailed reports, and gather all necessary evidence to support the claim settlement process.


Communicate with policyholders, witnesses, law enforcement, repair shops, and other relevant parties to gather information and clarify details related to the claim.

Estimation and Valuation

Assess the value of the damaged or lost property and determine the appropriate compensation amount based on policy terms and conditions.


Negotiate settlements with policyholders or their representatives, aiming for a fair and equitable resolution that aligns with policy coverage.

Claims Resolution

Facilitate the resolution and settlement of claims by ensuring that policyholders receive their entitled compensation promptly.

Policy Compliance

Ensure that claim settlements comply with the terms and conditions outlined in the insurance policy.

Skills of an Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster

The role of an inland marine insurance adjuster requires a diverse set of skills and attributes to effectively handle and assess insurance claims related to inland marine policies. Here are the key skills and qualities that are important for an inland marine insurance adjuster:

Insurance Knowledge

A solid understanding of insurance principles, policies, and regulations is essential. Inland marine insurance adjusters need to be well-versed in the specific coverage and terms of inland marine policies.

Investigation Skills

Strong investigative skills are crucial for determining the cause and extent of property damage or loss. Adjusters must be able to gather and analyze evidence effectively.

Communication Skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are vital for interacting with policyholders, witnesses, law enforcement, repair shops, and other relevant parties. Adjusters need to explain complex insurance concepts clearly.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a significant part of the job. Adjusters must be adept at negotiating settlements with policyholders or their representatives to achieve fair and equitable resolutions.

Attention to Detail

The ability to notice and document even small details is important for accurately assessing claims and ensuring that they comply with policy terms.

Analytical Skills

Adjusters need to analyze various situations and information to determine the value of the property and the extent of loss or damage accurately.

Good Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is crucial. Adjusters must be empathetic and responsive to policyholders’ needs during the claims process.

Technical Knowledge

Depending on the types of property covered, adjusters may need specialized technical knowledge. For example, if they handle claims related to construction equipment, they should understand construction machinery.

Computer Proficiency

Adjusters often use specialized software for claims management and data analysis, so computer skills are valuable.

Ethical Standards

Maintaining high ethical standards is essential to ensure fairness and transparency throughout the claims process.


The insurance industry evolves, and policies change. Adjusters should be adaptable and open to learning about new policies and technologies.

Time Management

Managing multiple claims simultaneously requires good time management skills to ensure that each claim is processed efficiently and promptly.

Legal Knowledge

Basic knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, especially those related to insurance and property, can be beneficial.

Interpersonal Skills

Building relationships with clients, colleagues, and others in the insurance industry can help adjusters in their work.


Claims can be complex, and adjusters often need to think creatively to find solutions that meet policyholder needs while adhering to policy terms.

How to Become an Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster

Becoming an inland marine insurance adjuster involves a combination of education, experience, training, and obtaining the necessary certifications or licenses. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you pursue a career as an inland marine insurance adjuster:

Educational Foundation

Obtain a high school diploma or equivalent. Courses in mathematics, business, communication, and insurance-related subjects can be helpful.

Understand the Profession

Research and learn about the role and responsibilities of an inland marine insurance adjuster to ensure it aligns with your career goals and interests.

Complete Relevant Education or Training

While a specific degree is not always required, consider pursuing coursework related to insurance, claims adjustment, or risk management. Many community colleges and universities offer relevant programs.

Take courses or workshops that focus on insurance policies, claims handling, negotiation skills, and relevant legal and regulatory aspects.

Gain Experience and Skills

Seek entry-level positions within insurance companies or claims adjustment firms to gain practical experience and develop skills in the insurance industry. This could be in roles such as claims assistant, claims examiner, or similar positions.

Obtain Necessary Licenses or Certifications

Research the licensing requirements in your state or region. In many cases, you’ll need to obtain a state-issued insurance adjuster license.

Fulfil the requirements for the insurance adjuster license, which may include passing a state exam and meeting specific education and experience criteria.

Prepare for the License Exam

Study the state-specific insurance adjuster exam content. There are study materials and courses available to help you prepare for the exam.

Pass the License Exam

Take and successfully pass the insurance adjuster licensing exam for your state.

Apply for Licensing

Submit your application for an inland marine insurance adjuster license through the appropriate state regulatory agency.

Join Professional Organizations

Consider joining professional organizations related to insurance and claims adjusting, such as the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA), to network and stay updated on industry trends and opportunities.

Build a Professional Network

Attend industry events, workshops, and conferences to connect with professionals in the insurance field. Networking can help you find job opportunities and gain insights into the industry.

Continue Professional Development

Stay updated on industry changes, regulations, and best practices by participating in workshops, seminars, and online courses.

Apply for Job Positions

Look for job openings for inland marine insurance adjuster positions and submit your resume and credentials to potential employers.

Ace the Interview

Prepare for interviews by highlighting your relevant education, experience, and skills. Demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and your ability to handle claims effectively.

Secure a Job as an Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster

Once hired, continue to learn and grow in your role, gaining hands-on experience and expertise in the field.

Well, in essence, these are the guides you should follow to become an inland marine adjuster.

Salary of an Inland Marine Insurance Adjuster

With the job of an inland marine insurance adjuster lots of people involved in it can get the benefit they need. However, the average salary of an inland marine insurance adjuster is about $60,000-$80,000.


What is inland marine insurance?

A sort of commercial insurance called inland marine insurance aids in protecting goods, supplies, and machinery during on-land transportation by truck or train. This coverage is intended to assist in defending portable, transportable, or utilized for communication company property.

What is the limit for inland marine insurance?

An exclusive type of property insurance called inland marine protects listed (scheduled) equipment from physical harm sustained while in transportation, being loaded, being unloaded, and when on location. With a $125,000 maximum insurance limit, this policy also provides coverage for air carriers, railroads, and motor carriers.

What is personal inland marine?

Personal inland marine insurance, sometimes known as scheduled personal property, can offer coverage for things of great value, rarity, or uniqueness that are generally excluded from property coverage.


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