High Paying Diving Jobs

Diving jobs is among the category of jobs that needs expertise and in this blog post today you will get valid information on High Paying Diving Jobs. In the United States divers are being paid a good amount of money as salary payment.

High Paying Diving Jobs

If you are a good and talented individual who is good at diving, then you should consider being a professional diver and this is a very great job that will be suitable for you.

OffShore Commercial Diving

A task as an Offshore commercial diver furnishes you with a legitimate prologue on the business plunging industry. Where you can seek this profession as a section-level competitor with a legitimate certificate.

As an offshore commercial diver, some of your responsibilities may include rigging, welding a pipeline, or measuring the spacing needed to place various materials underwater.

However, one valid piece of information is that your precise obligations rely upon the work that needs finishing and they earn an average salary of about $30,000 – $45,00 per month and $$1-$4 per foot.

Nuclear Diving

Nuclear divers dive into water bodies that are exposed to radiation and their career responsibility. While all diving professions have some degree of risk, a nuclear diving career opens you to a much more dangerous climate.

However, despite the fact that the water you’re diving into may appear to be safe, the radioactivity in it still has the potential to cause harm. Well, thankfully nuclear divers have their radiation levels closely monitored for safety reasons and they are taught to return to the topside when in danger. Their salary is up to $30,000 – $45,000 per month.

Naval Diving

Naval divers are employed by various military branches. However, you should know that training is required for naval divers, and their responsibilities are comparable to those of an off-shore or inland commercial diving position.

However, because they work for the military, naval divers must abide by strict guidelines and leadership. Well, one important thing you should know is that in this career path, some of your responsibilities include salvaging, underwater welding, and maintaining marine equipment. Well, they earn about $12,264 to $328.665 per year.

Military and Police Diving

Divers from the police and the military both work for the government and you should also know that underwater bomb defusing, demolition, and search and rescue are all assisted by military divers.

Going further, they belong to the special focus, and police divers look for evidence or clues that can be used in a criminal investigation. Their average salary ranges from $68,369 – $96,734 per year.

Underwater Photography

Underwater photographers, also known as media divers, take pictures of marine life, coral reefs, caves, and shipwrecks with waterproof cameras and equipment as part of their job.

However, while underwater photographers typically begin their careers as independent contractors, they may later establish their own company or work for another underwater photographer.

They can likewise work for a hotel and take photographs for the retreat notices. They are able to gain valuable underwater craft experience with each of these work experiences and they earn a salary that is up to $29,000 to $156,000.

Inland Diving

When compared to off-shore diving, inland diving offers divers a more stable work schedule, fewer hazards, and fewer work hours. And also, in contrast to other diving jobs where you spend a lot of time on a boat, inland diving usually lets you go home at the end of the day.

Going further, as an inland jumper, you might work in a lake, on a waterway, on an extension or dock.

You should also know that your obligations commonly include rescuing, outdoors welding, cleaning water admission and outtake frameworks, examining plans, or fixing extensions or wharves and they earn up to $37,130 and 160,110.


The process of removing hazardous materials from various bodies of water is known as HAZMAT diving. Also, when repairing underwater sewer pipes, you can anticipate working with toxic waste like raw sewage as a HAZMAT driver.

Still, on the header, oil sludge, wet cement, and radioactive materials are also possible in this job and there are a lot of safety precautions you need to take for this diving career. Well, they earn up to $50,000 – 60,360 per year.

Saturation Diving

You can explore the ocean for weeks at a time with saturation diving and also, after your diving mission, you can expect a break of one to two months, but you can stay underwater for up to 28 days.

Moreso, you can anticipate working as a member of a team of divers who rely on one another during underwater excursions.

However, Intervention and installation of oil wells may be one of your responsibilities as a saturation diver and they earn up to $30,000- $45,000 per month.

Scientific Diving

The underwater plant and animal life can be explored in a career in scientific diving. Moreso, you use unique instruments as a scientific diver to carry out underwater experiments and collect samples.

Also, most of the time, you can get a job at a big company that studies the ocean and they earn about $37,500 to $106,000.

Aquarium and Pool Diving

Aquarium divers are known to work for zoos, amusement parks, and sporting vendors and they clean and take care of various submerged creatures. Moreover, Divers who work in pools train a variety of marine animals and entertain guests at theme parks and they earn a salary that ranges from $17,000 to $72,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are divers in demand?

Well, you should know that there will always be a demand for commercial divers so there is a great chance that your job opportunities will continue expanding as your experience grows.

What is the highest commercial diver salary?

Commercial divers earn an average yearly salary of $60,360. And wages typically start from $37,130 and go up to $160,110.

Can you make a living as a divemaster?

Divemastering is a profession that can turn into an amazing career that takes you all over the world, starting in Indonesia. However, the majority of the time, it is not financially viable as a full-time occupation, so it can be an excellent seasonal job that you can perform for short periods of time.

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