Learn How to Use Instagram’s AI Backdrop to Transport Yourself to the Wild 

Instagram has just released a new feature. Backdrop, an AI-powered tool, lets users in the U.S. edit their Instagram Stories’ backgrounds.

Learn How to Use Instagram's AI Backdrop to Transport Yourself to the Wild
Learn How to Use Instagram’s AI Backdrop to Transport Yourself to the Wild

Instagram Unveils Backdrop, a Creative AI Tool for Personalizing Your Stories

You can create various backgrounds using prompts. Similar to other AI-powered photo tools like Midjourney, think of it as a way to enhance your Instagram experience. Ahmad Al-Dahle, Instagram’s AI leader, shared on Threads that on Wednesday, users can search for phrases like “chased by dinosaurs” or “surrounded by puppies,” and their photo will reflect them being chased by dinosaurs or surrounded by puppies.

It operates nearly as expected, not exceptionally well, but it’s still somewhat enjoyable.

Step 1: Capture Your Photo

Begin by taking a photo to utilize the feature. Ensure that the subject, such as your face in this instance, doesn’t occupy the entire screen, leaving some room for the AI to operate.

Step 2: Engage AI

Tap the AI button at the screen’s top, the first option among five. AI will load with its distinctive sparkle grid, outlining the subject of your photo (you), ensuring your satisfaction.

Step 3: Enter Your Desired Addition

I selected “in the Wild West,” but you can choose anything. Instagram’s AI will, once more, present sparkles as you wait.

Step 4: Select Your Preference

Ultimately, you’ll have two choices for your final selection. Choose the one you prefer and include it in your story. Instagram even generates a prompt for you to invite your followers to join in on the fun.

Al-Dahle posted on Threads, “Once you’ve shared the image, a ‘Try it’ sticker will appear, making it even easier for your friends to use backdrop for the first time.

Discover the exciting world of Instagram’s AI Backdrop, a feature that takes your storytelling to new heights by allowing you to transport yourself to the legendary Wild Wild West. This innovative tool opens a portal to a virtual frontier, offering a unique and immersive experience within your Instagram Stories.

To embark on this digital adventure, begin by familiarizing yourself with the simple steps to harness the power of AI Backdrop. Capture a photo where your subject, perhaps your own face, doesn’t dominate the entire screen, leaving room for the AI magic to unfold. Next, engage the AI by clicking the designated button at the top of your screen. Witness the signature sparkle grid as it outlines the subject of your photo, ensuring your satisfaction with the composition.

Now comes the creative part – type in your desired backdrop, whether it’s the Wild Wild West or any other captivating setting. Instagram’s AI responds with a mesmerizing display of sparkles, building anticipation as it works its magic. This step allows you to customize your Instagram Stories with a personal touch, setting the stage for an immersive visual narrative.

In the final phase, choose your preferred backdrop from the options presented by the AI. Instagram provides you with two choices, allowing you to select the one that resonates best with your storytelling vision. Once you’ve made your choice, seamlessly add it to your story, and watch as your narrative comes to life in a Wild West setting.

What’s more, sharing your creation is made even simpler with the inclusion of a ‘Try it’ sticker that appears alongside your shared image. This sticker invites your friends to join in on the excitement, making it easy for them to experience the magic of AI Backdrop for the first time.

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