How to Tell If Someone Is On Facebook Dating

Do you know how to tell if someone is on the Facebook dating platform? I bet you don’t. However, if you wish to know then you are in the right place. Continue reading the content of this post to learn everything you need in regards to telling if someone is on Facebook dating.

How to Tell If Someone Is On Facebook Dating

How to Tell If Someone Is On Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is one of the best dating platforms right now. Although this platform works like the traditional dating platform, matching people with similar interests, it has got some pretty features that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Personally, I think that Facebook is one of the best if not the best dating app and platforms right now. Well, it will take quite a lot to try to nudge dating platforms like tinder out of the way, but Facebook dating is quite doing well for itself.

Facebook dating will only suggest potential dates to you that are registered to it. This means that everyone suggested to you as a potential date has a registered dating profile on the platform. It’s that simple!

The profiles of everyone on Facebook dating are anonymous. This means that it will not show that a person is on Facebook dating unless he or she is suggested to you. And when a person is suggested to you then and only then you can tell if a person is on the Facebook dating service.

How Facebook Dating Work

You may be wondering about the importance of how the Facebook dating service works to want to know how to tell if a person is making use of the service. Well, it has got everything to do with it. This is because from understanding how it actually works, you get to know how to tell if someone is on Facebook dating.

Facebook dating is a feature within the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android. This means that without the Facebook mobile app and a registered account on the platform you will not be able to access the dating feature by Facebook.

To make use of the feature you will need to create a dating profile which is of course separate from your main Facebook profile. Unlike other dating platforms, Facebook does not allow you to match with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook dating will make suggestions to you based on your preference and also with people that are not in your regular Facebook and Instagram circle.

To instigate a conversation on the platform you will have to comment on a profile or like a picture directly. And when the said person replies to you, it’s a match! The conversation can now begin.

Facebook Secret Crush

Another means of telling if someone is on the Facebook dating service is via the Facebook dating secret crush feature. Just as the name implies, this feature is used in the event that you have a crush on one of your friends on the platform.

Facebook normally does not allow users to add their friends or suggest their friends that are using the service as potential mates. Facebook likes to keep things simple and anonymous at the same time. With the secret crush feature however you can send and add up to nine of your friends to a list on Facebook dating.

And if they are using the dating service on Facebook, they get notified. If on the other hand, they are not making use of the service, they do not get notified and you also in the process remain anonymous.


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