How to Share Google Calendar

There are various ways to share Google Calendar, but the first thing you need to know is that it’s quick, easy, and painless.

How To Share Google Calendar
How To Share Google Calendar

Lots of people rely on a calendar to keep their lives in order and keep things moving ahead. You could be using a calendar for your job, things you’re working on, your plans, family happenings, or anything that needs you to remember dates and due dates. And there are times when these calendars need to be shared with others.

If you’re unsure about how to share a Google calendar, you’re in the right spot. The process is really easy – even your grandma could do it. It only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes of your time. Interested in learning how to share a Google calendar? All the information you need is provided below.

How To Share a Google Calendar By Making It Public 

First, remember that you can only share your Google calendar using a computer or a desktop web browser. Unfortunately, the Android and iOS apps don’t have this feature yet. This might change in the future, but for now, there’s no way to do it using those apps.

To start sharing your calendar, go to the Google Calendar website. On the left side, you’ll see a section called “My calendars.” Find the calendar you want to share, move your mouse over it, and click the three-dot menu button. Then, choose “Settings and sharing.”

The first step is to let anyone who has a link see your calendar. This might not be the best choice for most people because your calendar could show up when someone searches your name on Google.

But if you’re okay with that, you can do it by checking the box that says “Make available to public” under the section for event access permissions. After that, click “Get shareable link,” then “Copy link,” and you can send that link to whoever you want.

Here is a step-by-step process

  • Go to
  • Find the My Calendars part on the left side of the screen and move your mouse over the calendar you wish to share.
  • Click the menu button with three dots.
  • Choose Settings and Sharing.
  • Navigate to the section labelled Access permissions for events.
  • Tick the box to Make available to the public.
  • Click on the Get shareable link.
  • Press Copy link, and then you can send it to anyone you want.

How To Share Google Calendar With Specific People

The second option is the most practical for most users. It allows you to share your calendar with particular individuals.

Follow the steps on the Settings page. In the “Share with specific people or groups” section, select “Add people or groups,” enter the email addresses of the individuals you want to share the calendar with, and set their Permissions (view only, edit, etc.). Click Send. Google will then add your calendar to their accounts, and they can access it from the “Other calendars” section.

Here’s a step-by-step method:

  • Go to
  • Find the My Calendars area on the left side of the screen and move your mouse over the calendar you wish to share.
  • Click the menu button with three dots.
  • Choose Settings and Sharing.
  • Navigate to the part that says Share with specific people or groups.
  • Click on Add people or groups.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Set the user’s Permissions.
  • Click Send.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I want to share my calendar with someone who doesn’t use Google Calendar?

If the person you want to share with doesn’t use Google Calendar, you can choose the “Get shareable link” option. This generates a link that you can share via email or messaging, allowing them to view your calendar without needing a Google account.

Can I control who can make changes to my shared calendar?

Yes, when sharing with specific people or groups, you can define different permissions for everyone. You can grant some users the ability to edit events, while others can only view the calendar.

Can I stop sharing my calendar with someone after I’ve shared it?

Yes, you can easily revoke sharing access. Go back to the settings and sharing page, locate the person or group you want to remove and choose “Remove.”



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