How to Screen Record and Share Gameplay on Android

How to Screen Record and Share Gameplay on Android. If you are an android user and you enjoy sharing gameplay footage, then you should be happy to know that the popular operating system can carry out such a task relatively easily and very well.

How to Screen Record and Share Gameplay on Android

How to Screen Record and Share Gameplay on Android

Gameplay recording works really great in Android all you need is to have an Android 5.0 or newer that’s also known as Android Lollipop. The chances here are you are making use of a phone that was released half a decade ago or more, the Android version you are making use of should be newer than Android 5.0.

With the Google Play Games App, you get to record gameplay and then stream your live reaction via your smartphone’s front-facing lens. However, this comes using some limitations which include being able to record SD or HD. There are no custom live effects while you are recording, either.

If you happen to be in possession of a newer Android Phone with Android 11, you should be able to start games and record in real-time using the recording feature. This will not only help you record whatever is going on on your screen but it also allows you to decide if your recording would include audio from your mic and if you prefer your screen taps to become visible. Well, below I would be showing you some of the easiest ways to instantly record your gameplay footage on your Android smartphone, as well as doing so using a third-party alternative.

Google Play Games Record Your Screen

With the Google Play Games, Any Android device with as low as Android 5.0 can record games. The process is quite easy, but it’s worth noting that you would need to create or sign in to an account from your Play games app first in other to access the feature. Or else, the screen-recording button would not pop up.

  • First, you would have to download and install the Google Play Games app from Google Play Store, that is if the app is not already on your device.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it and then tap on the profile tab located at the bottom right.
  • Create or log in to your Play Games account
  • Tap on the library tab located at the center to bring up all games that are installed on your device currently.
  • Instead of tapping on the “Play” button, tap the game icon that you want to record
  • With your chosen game’s Google Play Games profile would launch the app, tap the camcorder icon located at the upper right.
  • Select the quality that you would like to record in and the “Tap launch.”
  • Tap on the camcorder button in other to toggle the front-facing camera screen or just tap on the mic button in other to toggle external audio.
  • Tap on the red square icon located at the end of the recording.

While recording, if you decide to make use of your front-facing cam, you can choose to drag the floating secondary screen to any part of the screen you want it to be at. After recording, a pop-up would appear, and at the top of your screen, tap on it and it would select “edit and upload to YouTube” to share it.

Android 11’s Screen Recorder

If you are lucky to be making use of an Android 11, you can record gameplay footage, including any on-screen activity, instantly from the home screen. While doing so take enough steps, you would not need to download any new apps in other to make it all work.

  1. During the gameplay, or directly from your Android Home Screen, swipe down from the top of your display twice in other to bring up the quick settings menu.
  2. Swipe right until you find the “screen Record” button, then tap it.
  3. Select your preferred audio and visible screen-tap settings then tap “Next.”
  4. Finally, tap on “Start” to begin recording.

If you wish to end the recording, you can just swipe down again and select the “tap to stop” option. Head to Google photos and tap on recordings, then “share” to export your recording to the app you desire or social media.’

Third-Party Recording Apps

If you feel that google’s built-in Android screen-recording might be convenient, you can choose to go for another third-party recording app. Well, if you surf the play store very well, you should be able to locate great apps that would do a great job.


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