How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code and Unblock your MTN SIM

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code and Unblock your MTN SIM. Have you tried setting up a sim card lock on your device, and you have forgotten your sim card pin? Did you lose or forget to save your PUK code number? if yes, then you are in the right place.

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code and Unblock your MTN SIM

Did you know you can retrieve your MTN PUK code and unblock your MTN sim yourself? There are ways to do it, if you want to know then keep reading.

There are two methods to easily and swiftly reset forgotten MTN sim card pin and retrieve sim PUK code.

How to Retrieve Your MTN PUK Code and Unblock your MTN SIM

You can also retrieve your PUK to unlock your phone whenever you want, from the MTN Self Care application on Facebook.

In this aspect, all you need to do is to log onto your Facebook account and search for MTN Self-care app in the app category to use the app.

Like I said early, two methods to retrieve and unblock your MTN SIM. Let’s go directly to how we can fix the unblocked sim and retrieved of PUK code.

How to Retrieve MTN Sim PUK Code Online

You can retrieve your MTN sim card PUK code online and by calling customer care. You don’t need to visit any MTN outlet.

There are ways to retrieve your MTN PUK code, they are:

  • Through Contacting customer care.
  • Retrieve MTN SIM CARD PUK code through MYMTN app/website.

With these two steps, you can retrieve your PUK code number and get your sim Unblock.

How to Retrieve MTN Sim PUK code through Contacting Customer Care

It can be very easy when getting to retrieve your MTN PUK number through a customer service representative.

MTN users you will have to dial the various MTN customer cares lines to retrieve:

  • Dial 180, if you are calling directly from an MTN number.
  • Dial 08031000180, if you are calling from another network within Nigeria (airtel, glo, 9moboile). While if you are calling from outside Nigeria, out +234.

Nevertheless, you will need to provide some information regarding the MTN Sim you intend to get the PUK pin retrieved to MTN customer care.

Information Required to Retrieve your MTN PUK Code

Once you are connected, some information required by MTN customer care before issuing you the sim PUK number is as follows:

  • The full name uses in registering the SIM.
  • Date of birth used in registering the sim.
  • The address used in sim card registration.
  • Last recharged online.
  • Frequently dialed the number on the line

They may also ask about the dating sim was registered. If you can’t remember the exact date, no problem. Just proceed with other requirements.

How to Retrieve MTN Sim Card PUK Code through MYMTN App/website

To retrieve your MTN PUK number using the MyMTNApp website or application is one of the best ways to get back your MTN sim card PUK number in minutes online.

You might come across some challenges when trying to retrieve the MTN PUK number through the MYMTNAPP application.

NOTE: This process can only work if and only if the sim is not already locked or blocked and is requesting sim PUK.

The following are ways to retrieve your PUK code:

  • Open your web browser and go to official website.
  • Input the MTN number you want PUK number retrieved. Like (083234*****)
  • Click on proceed.
  • Then a new window will be provided, requesting for a one-time password to be sent.
  • You will select either code that should be sent to the phone number or email used in sim card registration. go for which suits you.
  • Once you have selected from the given options, wait for the OTP to be sent, and once received, copy the OTP code and insert copied OTP code into the required field.
  • Now you can be logged in successfully.
  • Once Logged in, click on three vertical icons at the top right side of the screen.
  • Now click on MY PROFILE and a new OTP request page will be shown. Finally, proceed in OTP verification process again.

Once the OTP is received and inputted, you should be able to see all necessary information about your MTN sim card which includes. (Registered full name, account activation date, Email address, Primary Phone Number, PUK number, and lastly Secondary Number if any).

How to Unblocked Your MTN Sim Card

After retrieving your MTN sim PUK code online, or through customer care, you can now unblock your sim card.

All you have to do is simply go to device sim card lock settings, and input the retrieved sim PUK code, and your sim will be unblocked again, and you will then be requested to input a new sim card lock pin.


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