How to Port Your Number to AT&T

Are you tired of dropped calls and slow data speeds on your current mobile network? It’s time to make the switch network porting your phone number into AT&T, where crystal-clear connections and lightning-fast downloads are just a phone call away.

How to Port Your Number to AT&T
How to Port Your Number to AT&T

Can you calm down? Have you ever thought of your dear phone number known by a lot of your friends and families? Just to let you know, you won’t have any issues with it

Just feel free because this post will definitely guide you through a wonderful and straightforward process of porting your number to this exceptional network performance on AT&T.

Now stay tuned to your to carry out this excessive.

Number Porting and its Benefits

Number porting is the process of transferring your existing phone number from one service provider to another. In this case, we will be discussing how to port your number to AT&T and it would be best if you kept reading.

Benefits of Number Porting

Use of Existing Phone Number

One good thing about this area is that you can use any of your old numbers for the porting process, which means all your contacts would still be working perfectly without any interference.

Savings of cost

Though in this case, the switching process actually demands a new number but to cut the long story short by saving cost, you can freely use your existing number to carry out the process.


Without stress, your old phone can be used to avoid inconveniences

What do you need to port in with AT&T?

Porting is actually the process of transferring your current used phone number from another carrier to an AT&T When switching to a new mobile carrier like AT&T, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not you want to keep your existing phone number. In many cases, people have had the same phone number for years, and changing it can be a major inconvenience. Fortunately, AT&T offers a simple solution – porting in your number.

So what do you need to port in with AT&T? The answer is quite simple – just a few pieces of information and some patience.

Your Usual Phone Number

Before embarking on the porting of a phone number, you actually need to submit your current or major phone number for the porting process. You must critically double-check your current carrier in other to neglect any issues during or after the porting.

Information of Accounts from Your Current Carrier

Before this process or function is been carried out, full and detailed information about your current carrier should be given accordingly like, personal address, account holder’s name, PIN, and password if necessary.

Valid ID

A valid and recognized identity card is always needed for verification on AT&T to make sure the account belongs to you. ID Like a passport, driver’s license, or any government-approved ID.

Account Number of Current Carrier’s 

To process the AT&T, your current account number is always needed. You can contact customer service for a billing statement since it is usually found on your billing statement or by contacting customer service.

Good active service of Current Carrier

In other carry out the process successfully, you must have active service with your current carrier at the time of the port request.


Phone number porting to AT&T demands patience and endurance so that all the procedures are perfectly carried out diligently because this takes a lot of hours.

How to Port a Number to AT&T

If you’re looking to port your number to AT&T, good news! A verified team has experience successfully porting many telephone numbers to AT&T. The basic process is as follows:

  • Understanding how the port away process works.
  • Gathering the information required to port your number from NumberBarn to AT&T.
  • Providing you with practical advice on porting to AT&T.
  • Equipping you with the tools to overcome common porting errors and issues.

Five Major Steps for Porting to AT&T

Make sure AT&T can support your number 

Before initiating the port, ensure that AT&T can support your number. It’s also a good idea to check before purchasing the number from NumberBarn to confirm compatibility with your desired provider.

Make sure AT&T knows this is a wireline port so they can choose port settings appropriately

All numbers purchased from NumberBarn are classified as wireline or landline as opposed to wireless.

Make sure AT&T is filling in all available fields on their port form

When submitting a port request to AT&T, it’s important that the request is submitted with all of the essential porting information. In addition to the porting information we mentioned earlier in this article, it’s especially critical that AT&T include the following information in the porting request:

  • Authorization Name
  • Authorization Date

Bypass AT&T support and contact the porting department directly

AT&T’s Porting Department directly, dial 888-898-7685 or 866-895-1097.

Once NumberBarn approves the port, contact AT&T to confirm the date they will port the number

If you do not receive confirmation from NumberBarn that the port out has been completed on the date provided by AT&T, reach out asking them to “activate” your number to complete the port request.

Once the number ports to AT&T and leaves our network, we will email you to confirm and remove the number from your NumberBarn account. At that point, you will no longer be billed for service through NumberBarn.


In some instances, we’ve found that AT&T may activate partial service before the port is complete. If you haven’t received confirmation that the port is complete even if some services are working with AT&T, we suggest that you still contact AT&T’s porting department to be certain that your service is fully activated with them.



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