How to Last Longer In Bed – Lifestyle Changes That Can Help

If you’re a guy, it can be very annoying and sad when you finish too quickly in bed when you were hoping to last longer in bed. It’s surprising and might make you feel awkward. Nobody wants to apologize before, during, or after sex.

How To Last Longer In Bed
How To Last Longer In Bed

If you suffer from premature ejaculation, it’s good to understand that even though it is very frustrating, many guys go through the same thing. Almost every man deals with this problem at some time. It might feel better knowing you’re not the only one, but that doesn’t fix the issue of not being able to last longer in bed because of it. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help you stay longer during sex.

In this article, we will be sharing with you some tips on how to last longer in bed, allowing you to satisfy yourself and your partner sexually.

What is the Average Ejaculation Time?

The average ejaculation depends on various factors, including age, overall health, arousal level, and individual differences. Research shows that for many men, the time from the start of sexual stimulation to ejaculate can range from a few seconds to two minutes. Nonetheless, it is quite important to know that there is no specific “normal” timeframe for ejaculation, as sexual experiences differ from person to person.

Tips to Last Longer in Bed 

Here, we will be showing you some tested and trusted tips to help you last longer in bed and help extend your and your partner’s pleasure. Here are some of the tips:

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

One way that doctors recommend improving how long you can have sex is by making your pelvic floor muscles stronger.

By making these muscles stronger, men can have more control over when they finish during intimacy.

In one study, the people taking part were able to make the time from when they start having sex to when they finished going from less than one minute to nearly two minutes.

We’ve made some easy Kegel exercises that can help you last longer in bed. Some things to remember are:

  • Find the Right Muscles: The muscles in your pelvic floor are the same ones you use to stop yourself from peeing.
  • Practice the Right Way: Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles for three seconds, then relax for three seconds.
  • Stay Concentrated: Breathe normally and try not to tighten the muscles in your thighs, buttocks, and belly.
  • Do Enough: Do at least three sets of 10 exercises every day.

Limiting Your Thrusting

There are lots of ways to have sex without thrusting too fast. There are lots of ways to have sex without moving too fast. You can touch the sensitive part near your partner’s private area. You can pay attention to the sensitive spots around their virginal entrance instead of going too deep. You can press your penis against the G-spot inside your partner. Of course, you can also move a little faster, but if you feel like you’re getting too close to finishing, you can slow down without making your partner feel less good.

Try the Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique is when a man stops having sex just before he’s about to finish, and he pinches the tip of his private part.

Once the strong feeling goes away, they can start having sex again.

Choose Sex Positions That Will Help you Last Longer

You should avoid positions that feel too intense. Positions like doggy style or flatiron, where penetration is very deep, might not be the best choice.

Instead, consider positions that allow for less deep penetration, or where there isn’t a lot of back-and-forth movement. The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a good option for shallow penetration, and it’s especially enjoyable for your partner if they have a clitoris. Another option is the Lotus position, which involves more grinding together instead of forceful thrusting.

Masturbate Before Sex.

Masturbating for a couple of hours before sex can help you last longer in bed. Scientists say this might not be as effective for older guys due to longer recovery times as they get older.

To make this trick work, you should know how much time you need to recharge.

Try Edging

Delaying your orgasm while masturbating can be a great way to learn how to last longer when you’re having sex. It’s like playing a game of getting close to the finish line but stopping before you cross it. This helps your body learn how to stay in control.

Doing this can help you train your brain and body to control when you finish during sex, making it last longer. Just make sure to use some lotion or lube while you try this trick to avoid any discomfort.

Wear the Right Condom.

If you have a hard time lasting in bed, using condoms can help. They’re also important for protection. Some condoms are thicker and can make you feel less sensitive, like a kind of shield, so you can go on for longer.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Last Longer in Bed 

  • Stop smoking.
  • Drink moderately.
  • Each nutritious fruit and veggie.
  • Exercise for about 150 minutes per week,
  • Get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Learn some stress management techniques.
  • Get tested once in a while.

By trying these methods, you will be shocked at how much your time in bed increases.



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