How to Get Closed Alpha Multiversus Codes

How to get Closed Alpha Multiversus Codes. When Warner Bros announced its platform fighter multiverses back in November, gamers on the internet combusted. Ultra-instinct shaggy from all memes would be turning into a reality?

How to Get Closed Alpha Multiversus Codes

A game that looks to compete with the likes of super smash bros., Brawlhalla, and Rivals of Aether? Fighting alongside Batman and Finn the human? This is a dream come true for a lot of people.

How to get Closed Alpha Multiversus Codes

However, via several early game tests, a lot of players have been left out with no early access codes. The official Discord server and subreddit have been bombarded with requests for players’ spare keys, as those that were invited to take part in the game originally got three extra access keys for inviting their friends over to partake in the cross-platform brawler.

In the current closed alpha, what has been named “Code-begging” has peaked to the point of the official Discord server that shutters communications while they “recalibrate some things.” These “things” are presumably remedies that would rampantly scam from users attempting too sell alpha Multiversus codes, being banned, and then working to create an alternate account to promote the very same banned account.

The hydra of issues with the discord aside, there are several ways you can get multiverses codes. We would be telling you some of them below. Have it at the back of your mind that none of these methods comes as guaranteed methods, and one of them actually costs a small bit of money, but we would let you know how you can safeguard your funds and avoid scams, also. Without further ado, here are some ways to get closed alpha multiverses codes.

The Official Discord

At the moment, we are not yet sure if things would remain the same once the Discord is fully back, but previously on the server, there was a code sharing channel for the players to share their spare alpha multiversus codes with other users. At least was what it was created to be. Upon the start of the current alpha, the channel got flooded immediately with users, new to the server and begging for codes. Also, it only got worse as new users would be taking part in the server and begging for codes. Hopping right into #code-sharing to further clog it.

How to get a code from this? Well, it is not that easy, nor is it that quick. Well for some advice, make sure you do not send a discord user money for a multiversus code. Part of the reasons the server has gotten shuttered is because of rampant scams by users who request money for code but never send the codes.

In other to get a multiversus code from the discord server, you would be required to watch the messages very intently. Once in a while, someone would say something along the lines of “I have codes” or “DM me first before you first serve for codes”. That’s when You would click on their profile picture and then type a very quick message asking if they are really in possession of the codes and if you can have one.

This is a hit or miss method, a lot of those messages would not be met with replies. But, if you are persistent, you are bound to get one at some point. Again, do not send anyone on discord money for a code; you probably would not get one back.

The Subreddits

This method is quite similar to that of the discord method. Find a user who is giving away muultiversus codes, send them a message, and a code would possibly be sent to you in response. Here is the official subreddit, and here is the community-owned subreddit.

According to TechRadar, they recommend sorting posts by “new” and refreshing the page more often, as well, for the best odds of acquiring a code. Like discord, this method is not guaranteed to produce a multiversus code, but this next method is if you are in possession of a bit of cash. Also like discord, do not try to purchase codes here. Purchasing code should be done in the Next Steps.


Multiversus happens to be a free game, and the closed alpha last until may 27th at 8pm ET/5PM PT. while we would normally advise heavily against paying money for a game that would have a free-to-play open beta in July, we highly understand that this is a game that is highly anticipated and players who serious about the game want to head start that other players are getting already.

Kinguin happens to be a key marketplace. This means that pretty much anyone can post a listing for a game key on the site, and similar to eBay, they all have seller ratings concerning how they handle transactions. In other to get an alpha multiversus code from Kinguin, search for the game, select the platform and proceed with the transaction as you would on any of the other sites.

It is best that you make use of Paypal to purchase keys on this site and other game key marketplaces. Picking a seller with a good rating would make the transaction go smoothly, but there would always be a chance for bad actors to unexpectedly show their faces.

In the event that you choose to purchase a key and do not receive it within an hour or so, simply request a refund from PayPal and, once they verify that you have not received what you bought, you quickly get your money back.

Once again, this is quite free, but waiting for WBGames to drop you a code looks endless, and the alpha would only go on for quite a while.


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