How to Fix an Xbox Series X|S Controller That Keeps Disconnecting

Here I would be giving you details on How to Fix an Xbox Series X|S Controller That Keeps Disconnecting. If you happen to be an Xbox Series X|S owner, and you are experiencing some faulty connections with your controller, you are not the only one. When it comes to any console that makes use of a wireless connection, your Xbox series X|S controller would experience issues for several reasons.

How to Fix an Xbox Series X|S Controller That Keeps Disconnecting

Controller issues are not some of the most common issues that gamers experience. Controller issues are some of the common issues experienced by gamers. However, there are steps that you can take in other to have these issues fixed.

Xbox Series X|S Controller Not Connecting

Whether your controller firmware needs to be updated, or establish a new connection that is between it and your console, you should not give up on a controller that is experiencing problems without going through some steps to troubleshoot it first.

Most of the time, updating your controller can resolve this issue and ensure your controller is making use of the latest software. If that fails to work, you can choose to establish a new connection between your controller and your console by switching both of them off and then turning them on again. When it comes to matters of troubleshooting, you also need to make sure that you have updated your console to the latest firmware.

How to Update the Firmware for Your Xbox Series X|S Controller

When it comes to updating your Xbox Series X|S controller, it is very essential that it runs smoothly and connects appropriately to your console. If you happen to be facing issues that have to do with connection, then follow the steps stated below to get that fixed via updating the controller.

  • You are expected to connect your controller to your console making use of a USB cable.
  • Once you have the controller connected, turn on your console and then navigate to the settings menu
  • Then select the devices and Accessories, and select your controller
  • Then you would see an option asking you to update the firmware. Click on it, and then follow the on-screen instructions to have the update process completed.
  • It is very important that you will have your console connected to the internet in other to update the firmware of your controller. If you are facing issues with internet connectivity, you can also update your controller via a USB drive. You would have to download the update file straight into a USB drive and then connect it to your console.

How to Update Your Xbox Series X|S Console

Keeping your Xbox Series X|S updated to its most current firmware is very important for security, stability, and performance. However, this can help you handle console and controller issues,

  • First head to the settings found on your console
  • Click on system > console Info & Updates
  • Select “Check for Updates” to see if there are available updates
  • If updates are available, select “Download and Install” to kick off the process.

Turning on Automatic Updates

If you are the type that forgets to check console updates, you can also turn on automatic updates to help you stay on top of things as stated by Xbox itself.

  • First head to Settings on your console
  • Choose system > Console info and updates
  • Select “Automatic updates” and then turn it on

By switching on the automatic updates, your console would automatically download and then update when the update becomes available. You would not be required to check for updates manually, and the latest software would always be available on your console. Also. You need to note that your console would have to be connected to the internet for the updates to run automatically.

How to Reconnect Your Controller to Your Xbox Series X|S

Sometimes, this connection issue can be solved by resetting and reconnecting your controller, as stated by Xbox. This would also help you with issues that have to do with unresponsive buttons, sticks, etc. with that stated, follow the steps below to reset and reconnect your controller.

  • The first switch of your Xbox and your controller
  • Locate the pairing button that is on the back of your controller close to the bottom
  • Hold it down for three seconds
  • The navigate to console settings
  • Choose “Devices and Accessories” then select your controller
  • Choose “Reconnect” in other to re-establish the connection between your controller and your console.

And that is it, but if that fails to work, then switch off your console and your controller, hold the pairing button on your controller for close to about 15 seconds and then release. The controller’s light would start flashing rapidly, indicating that you have reset it to factory settings. Note that if these steps fail to work, then you might need to contact Xbox customer support.


Why Does My Xbox Series S Controller Disconnect and Won’t Reconnect?

First off, try pressing and then holding the Xbox button on the controller to switch it back on. If that does not work, the problem might be due to a drained battery. If you are making use of a wireless controller, try changing the batteries or even connecting its charging cable.

How Do you Fix the Xbox Series S Controller Not Responding?

Press and hold the Xbox Button on the face of the controller for about 6 seconds. This would turn off the controller. Press the Xbox Button again to turn the controller back on.

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