How to Connect Facebook to Instagram – What Happens when you Connect Facebook to Instagram

I always start by saying in all my Facebook articles that Facebook is now simply more than a social media platform. Facebook is now a metaverse which means that you can use Facebook for so much other stuff much more than socializing.

How to Connect Facebook to Instagram

Also, it is trying to tell us that Facebook has also given birth to so many other brands. Today’s article will look at how you would be able to connect Facebook to Instagram. For the Facebook user that is making use of Instagram, there is a way for you to show the people that you make use of both Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

One of the main reasons for this is for business purposes for those people that have their businesses on Facebook and Instagram. Today I will show you how to link both together so that you can continue your business.

You might have a friend on your Instagram that simply share a post on Instagram and it appears on Facebook and you might have been wondering how. That can only be done when someone linked his or her Instagram account on Facebook which I will show you today.

How to Connect Facebook to Instagram

Have you ever wondered how people post on their Instagram and it shows on Facebook? Or have you ever looked for a way to link your Facebook account with Instagram? All these can easily be done because the feature to do so is available on Facebook and Instagram. The secret of doing so is easy it is simply called cross-linking accounts.

This is the process of linking your Facebook account to your Instagram account so that you can share posts between them. So many people use these for business purposes while others just do it for fun. It is also another way to show your Facebook friends that you have on Instagram and they should simply add you up. This is what will make you easily gain more followers if you do not have many on your Instagram account.

Connecting your Facebook to Instagram and bring something that has been around for quite a long time now and so many people have been doing it. If you are just hearing it for the first time you might just be living under a rock. I guarantee you that so many of your friends have already linked or connected their Facebook accounts to Instagram.

What Happens when you Connect Facebook to Instagram

Now we are moving ahead, if you are wondering what will happen now that you want to connect your Facebook account to your Instagram it is simple. It does not mean your Facebook account is going to merge with your Instagram account. What will happen if the whole purpose of linking or connecting Facebook to Instagram is for content sharing.

This means you do not have to post on Facebook and then go to Instagram and make the same post so that all your friends can see it. Rather making a post on Instagram will also automatically appear on Facebook for both your Facebook and Instagram friends to see. All posts that you make to Instagram can simply be shared on Facebook once your account has been linked or connected.

Can I Link Multiple Instagram Accounts to my Facebook Profile?

If you are asking the question if you can link multiple Instagram accounts to one Facebook profile then the answer is yes. However, you cannot link multiple Facebook profiles to one Instagram account it can only be done in reverse. Now when you link any of your accounts on Instagram to Facebook your Facebook friends will get a notification that you have linked your Instagram account to it.

From there they can now follow you on Instagram which will ensure you have more followers. Also, note that linking or connecting your Instagram to Facebook can only be done on mobile. Just means it cannot be done on the web browser or any other way of logging in apart from the mobile application.

How to Connect Facebook to Instagram on a Phone

To connect your Facebook account to Instagram is very easy all you need is both login details and you can now head over to the process below:

  • Launch your Instagram application on your Android or iOS device.
  • Tap on your profile picture to go to your profile.
  • Now select the three horizontal lines and tap on settings.
  • Select account center and tap on set hope account center.
  • Tap on her Facebook account.
  • Now enter the details of the account you want to add or select any of the accounts displayed.
  • Finally, tap yes finish steps.
  • And select to sync your profile photo or not and tap on continue.



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