How To Change Password Globe At Home: Change My Home Wi-Fi Password | Block Someone From Using My WI-FI

In this article “How To Change Password Globe At Home” we are going to discuss how to change your Globe password. The Globe At Home Application is a free application that enables you to monitor and upgrade your globe at home prepaid or postpaid Wi-Fi account.

With your mobile devices, you will be able to track your globe at the home account. You can also have access to great features that would help you optimize connection without Any difficulty.

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You might want to change the password globe at home either for the prepaid or postpaid account. This could be due to security reasons or reasons best known to them. If this is your case, you are to carefully follow and read through this article as we progress

How Do I Change My 192.168 254.254 Password?

Changing your 192.168 254.254 passwords is actually a very simple and easy thing to do, provided you are duly aware of the steps and procedures to follow.

For all the Globe at home users who have found a need to change their 192.168 254.254 passwords, you are to follow the below instructions.

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click Wireless Settings and then Basic Settings.
  3. Make sure wireless is turned On and enter a name for your network in the SSID box.
  4. Select Advanced Security Settings or Security Settings from the menu.
  5. Select WPA Wireless Security and change your password.

Above is how you can change your password.

Change My Home Wi-Fi Password

To change your Globe at home Wi-Fi name and password which could be prepaid or postpaid you are to

  • Tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen, then tap the Internet.
  • Tap on “Wireless Gateway”.
  • Select “Change Wi-Fi Settings.” Enter your new network name and password.

Above is how you can change your password.

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Can I Use Regular SIM for Globe At Home?

There are people who are not certain whether they can make use of the regularly available sims for their globe at home.

They should note that they can only use the Prepaid Wi-Fi SIM that’s inserted their your modem. This is to avoid issues with your connection and promo subscription.

Block Someone From Using My WI-FI

To enhance security measures on your globe at home Wi-Fi account, there might be a need for you to block or disallow people from using your Wi-Fi. To do this all you need  to do is to set up an access control by following the below instructions;

  1. Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your router’s network.
  2. The user name is admin and the default password is password.
  3. Select ADVANCED > Security > Access Control.
  4. Select the Turn on Access Control check box.

Once you set up access control, you will be able to regulate and decide who will have access to your Wi-Fi. More research can be done on Google.

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