How To Balance Blood Sugar With Your Nutrition

To avoid asking questions like “my blood sugar is 250, what should I do?” or “what drinks lower blood sugar level“, It is very important to eat right to maintain our blood sugar level.

How To Balance Blood Sugar With Your Nutrition

Blood sugar has become very important for everyone to pay attention to because of its relationship with conditions like diabetes. If you want to feel healthy and have steady energy every day, you have to be concerned about your blood sugar level. Conditions like being hangry is a result of not maintaining blood sugar level in the body.

How To Balance Blood Sugar With Your Nutrition

Apart from feeling hangry, conditions like feeling energized after a meal but crashing within a few hours is a result of not eating for balanced blood sugar. You can balance out your hormones, control your weight, keep your energy even, maintain optimal health, and stay generally healthy by maintaining your blood sugar level with your nutrition.

“When your blood sugar is balanced you find you think less about food and more about all the things that you can do,” says Shapiro. Adversely, when you feel hungry all the time, even when you are frequently eating, your blood sugar may be all over the place.

Keeping Blood Sugar Balanced

Here, our goal should be to keep our levels as steady as possible, not too high or too low. When you eat foods that contain sugar or foods that break down into sugars like bread, dairy, grains, fruits, veggies, etc your blood sugar rises.

Once our blood sugar rises Insulin is increased to help our cells take up sugar from our blood to store energy. Apart from Insulin, our body keeps sugar in check using basic activities like exercises and how much you move around. However, is it ok to Exercise with high blood sugar? Well, not totally. You are advised not to exercise if you have ketones but if your blood sugar is high and you do not have ketones you should exercise with caution.

Key Nutrients To Balance Blood Sugar: Fiber, Fats, And Proteins

Reducing your blood sugar level does not mean total avoidance of carbohydrates. The best way to balance your blood sugar level is to pair your higher-carb foods and sugar with foods like proteins, fats, and fiber. This is because when carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are paired, it reduces the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed into the blood.

Signs Of Unstable Blood Sugar

It is not very good to have a low sugar level as it is bad to have high sugar levels. We have to make sure our body is well regulated and in check at all times.

A quick drop of energy after previously feeling energized may be a result of a low sugar level. Also, the word ‘hanger‘ describes the state of feeling agitated, hungry, and feeling angry or grumpy at the same time. As emotional as it sounds, the hanger feeling is very much associated with low blood sugar according to Shapiro.

Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

As sad as it may sound, eating more food can not lower blood sugar levels. No matter what type of food it is. “Foods can’t lower blood sugar once it is high, but you can exercise to help lower blood sugar,” says Shapiro. That is why it is important to take a walk after meals since walking is a very good way to reduce blood sugar levels.

Checking Blood Sugar At Home

If you are concerned about diabetes or prediabetes and you are not sure whether your blood sugar is high or low, the best thing to do is to test your sugar level.

There are so many ways to do this. Blood glucose monitors can be used. Although some may require a prescription, many are OCT and can be purchased by anyone.

You can also check and take notes of how certain food and activities make you feel throughout the day. You can also monitor how often you get hungry.

While it is good to try and control your blood sugar level when it is high, it is preferable to prevent the whole adverse situation by keeping it balanced always. Diversify your diet, eat a rich balanced diet, eat to fulfill your body needs, exercise, and remain healthy always.


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