5 Shoulder Exercises To Build Strong Muscles In Your Upper Body

Your Shoulders have one of the most important muscles in your body. Notice that every pulling and pushing movement you can make with your arms have your shoulders directly involved in it. In fact, your Shoulders are involved in 90% of every upper body movement.

5 Shoulder Exercises To Build Strong Muscles In Your Upper Body

It is very important that we keep our Shoulders as healthy and strong as possible. The following exercises will help you fulfill the above goal in the best way. Remember, No gain without breaking some sweat. So be ready to work.

5 Shoulder Exercises To Build Strong Muscles In Your Upper Body

The most effective way to build our shoulder muscles is to incorporate certain exercises that will target your shoulders at different angles. You will find out that most of these exercises mainly involve up and down movement, but a few rotational motions or movements will be involved in other great Shoulder exercises.

The five Exercises are given below;

Barbell Overhead Press

This exercise can be done together with other Shoulder exercises at home. To do this exercise, stand with your feet slightly apart and hold the barbell with both hands at shoulder width. Make sure the barbell is lifted to your Shoulder level behind your head. Then slowly lift the Barbell from the Shoulders upwards and repeat.

Try not to arch your back as you press and lockout your Elbows fully at the top. You can start with an empty Barbell to get the hang of the movement. Do 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps adding weight after each set until it becomes challenging.

This exercise can also be called the military press or the Shoulder press. It is a very good exercise that works the upper body including the Core and the Back.

The Z Press

This exercise removes the load from your lower back and requires more requitment from your Shoulders. This strengthens your Core and can be done with Dumbbells for beginners.

To do this exercise, sit with your legs straight, fully extended, and hold two Dumbbells or a Barbell in the front-rack position. Try bracing your core and press upwards. Try not to lean back or hunch over and keep your heels on the floor all through.

The Arnold Press

This movement tackles your shoulders from multiple angles at the same time. Consider it an all-in-one Shoulder exercise that also works on your upper back.

To do this exercise, hold a dumbbell in each hand and make sure your palm is facing you. Rotate your arms as you press up and finish with your palms facing out.

Dumbbell Shoulder Raise Series: Lateral Raise, Front Raise, And Reverse Fly.

This exercise combines 3 exercises in one which targets the front of your shoulder, the sides of your shoulders, and the back of your shoulders.

The front raise involves lifting the dumbbell in front of you without bending your elbows, the side raise involves raising the dumbbell or barbell in a flying movement while standing straight. The reverse, in this case, involves a flapping movement with straight hands while holding the barbell and bending forward.

You can do 5 reps of each exercise without resting in between and repeating the whole set after resting for about 30 to 60 seconds.

Barbell Upright Row

This particular row exercise targets your shoulder muscles from the back angle.

Hold the barbell with a forward grip, with your arms a little wider than your feet. You can now lift up from your waist to your upper chest and then repeat.

Exercises At Home

There is a famous belief that exercises are most effective at the gym. This is not totally true as you can achieve the same results you get in the gym with the same knowledge and little or no pieces of equipment. Some effective home exercises like push-ups and sit-ups are very essential and do not require any special gym facility to perform.

Conclusively, we have to keep fit always, burn the fat, break that sweat and get the best results from doing the best shoulder exercises at home.


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