How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating 2022

How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating. The owners of Facebook are very smart and innovative they simply go where the trend is and where the popular demand takes them. This is one of the reasons why they released the Facebook dating feature. The Facebook dating feature simply enables individuals to date on Facebook and today we are going to look at how to activate and use this feature.

How to Activate and Use Facebook Dating

In 2019 there was quite a lot of fuzz and chatter on the Facebook platform this was about the Facebook dating feature that was launched. if you have been hearing of this feature before and have not used it this might be the right article for you to know how to start using it today. As I said we are taking a look at the activation and usage of the Facebook dating feature.

Facebook Dating 2022

Just as the Facebook dating feature was in 2015 when it was released in the sticks so today with a few upgrades. It is a feature that lets you date or finds a date on the Facebook platform by simply accessing it. The strong point of this feature is the fact that it combines certain qualities from other dating applications such as bumble and tinder. Making one of the best dating features there ever is.

Lot of people on the Facebook platform are aware of the service but it will shock you to know not all of them are using it. Facebook dating was simply established as a way for the then over 200 million singles on Facebook to find it. Since its launch in 2019, it has if done so marvelously that Facebook decided to slowly roll out the feature in two more regions.

One of the most important features of the Facebook dating service is simply the fact that it is a totally free online order dating application. The best dating applications we have like tinder and bumble usually require a form of payment to assess the entire application. But the reverse is the case for Facebook dating which can simply be accessed for free to find love.

How Facebook Dating Works

I mentioned above that the Facebook dating feature combines some of the best qualities of the top dating applications available. It functions similar to them and also in a different way from them because it is part of Facebook. First of all to access it won’t need to have a Facebook account that is above 6 months old and need to be 18 years and above.

The next step is to activate the feature on your account which can only be done through your mobile application on your Android or iOS device. After activating Facebook dating now if you would be shown the process to create a dating profile. For this creation part of your Facebook details will be added to the details will provide to create your profile.

If you do not activate Facebook dating and create your profile to get started you cannot see others that are using the feature. Only those using the feature can see those using it, also if you deactivate it you will no longer see those using the feature. After creating a new account and specifying the kind of people you want to get matched with, the machine starts.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

To activate Facebook dating is to get started with Facebook dating, do so by following the below procedure:

  • Launch your Facebook application on your mobile device.
  • Turn on the menu either at the top or bottom of the application.
  • Click on see more.
  • tap on Dating.
  • Finally, click on get started.

After activating dating you can now go-ahead to start creating your dating profile. Make sure you fill in all the correct details required of you to create your Facebook dating profile.

How to Use Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is focused on your matches which whom you can simply chat with when it occurs. Once your profile is done Facebook will start suggesting possible matches which you can like to get matched.

  • To like somebody on dating simply tap on the heart icon that is on their profile. This will indicate to them that you are interested in them.
  • To dislike simply tap on the X button to pass.
  • When someone finally likes your profile you will be informed with a notification that someone did. If you like the person back both of you can start chatting or have a conversation.
  • All your chat and matches can be seen by selecting the matching prompt on top of the application.

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