How Much Does Kohl’s Pay – Highest Paying Jobs at Kohl’s

Are you aspiring for a position at Kohl’s? and you have been bothered enough to type the phrase How Much Does Kohl’s Pay Per Hour?” this article has been packaged to give you all the information that you need concerning this topic. Read up to the end to get the full information.

How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

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How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

Kohl’s is a chain of stores that deals with the sales of clothes and accessories. As of December 2021, Kohl’s was recorded as the largest departmental chain store in the United States of America.

Want to know what Kohl’s pays its employees? You will see that in the next part of this article.

How Much Does Kohl’s Pay per hour

To start this topic, it will be proper to start with the hourly rate of Kohls in the United States;

In the United States, this chain pays the sum of $14.66 per hour on average.

This is just an average sum as the salaries of the employees differ by their type of departments.

How Much Does Kohl’s in The United States Pay?

in the United States of America, Kohl’s pays about $30,490 per year. Those in the bottom 10% of the company are paid about $23,000 per year. The top 10% are paid over $39,000.

The salaries of workers vary by department. In the facilities department, workers earn about $34,578 per year. In the warehouse department, workers earn a salary of $32,566 per year. In terms of location in the United States, workers in New York, NY, Milpitas, CA, and Hingham, MA are paid higher salaries.

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How Much Does Kohl’s Pay Retail Sales Associates Per Hour

In Missouri, sales associates at kohl’s are paid approximately $9.24. this is 23% below the national average. This information is gotten from the 21 data points collected directly from the employees and users of Kohl’s in the past 36 months.

What Are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Kohls Jobs in Missouri

In the ten cities listed below, the salaries of the workers are Kohls are well above the average value in Missouri. The table below shows more details;

Cool Valley $41,273 $19.84
St. Louis $39,518 $19.00
Rock Port $39,424 $18.95
O’Fallon $38,321 $18.42
Lake Winnebago $37,838 $18.19
Kansas City $37,336 $17.95
Lone Jack $36,686 $17.64
St. Charles $35,921 $17.27
Clarkton $35,828 $17.23
Columbia $35,183 $16.92


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Highest Paying Jobs at Kohl’s

Although the average salary of workers in Kohl’s is $30,490, there is a great variation in the salaries of the various workers of Kohls. some of the positions that earn higher pay are sales reps, assistant store managers, beauty advisors, and supervisors of departments. The table below shows the average highest salaries paid at Kohls and the positions earning these salaries;

Rank   Job Title   Average Kohl’s Salary   Hourly Rate  
1 Sales Representative $40,700 $19.57
2 Assistant Store Manager $39,914 $19.19
3 Beauty Advisor $39,585 $19.03
4 Department Supervisor $37,753 $18.15
5 Department Manager $37,696 $18.12
6 Warehouse Worker $35,872 $17.25
7 Administrative Assistant $35,314 $16.98
8 POS Associate $34,001 $16.35
9 Area Supervisor $33,759 $16.23
10 Equipment Operator $33,104 $15.92
11 Material Handler $32,707 $15.72
12 Team Leader $32,384 $15.57
13 Truck Unloader $32,384 $15.57
14 Picker And Packer $31,566 $15.18
15 Loss Prevention Officer $31,004 $14.91
16 Merchandiser $30,978 $14.89
17 Customer Service Representative $30,878 $14.85
18 Customer Service Specialist $30,827 $14.82
19 Overnight Stocker $30,591 $14.71
20 Cashier $29,538 $14.20


How Much Does Kohl’s Pay by Location?

The amount of money paid at Kohls also varies according to location. Employees in New York are the highest-paid employees at Kohls’s. In New York, Kohl’s pays an average of $35,220.

The table below shows the salary of Kohl’s workers by their location;

Rank   Location   Average Salary   Hourly Rate  
1 New York, NY $35,220 $16.93
2 Milpitas, CA $35,095 $16.87
3 Hingham, MA $34,580 $16.63
4 Smithfield, RI $32,712 $15.73
5 Norwalk, CT $32,462 $15.61
6 Fargo, ND $32,408 $15.58
7 Augusta, ME $32,366 $15.56
8 Newington, NH $32,319 $15.54
9 Rochester, MN $32,299 $15.53
10 Aurora, CO $32,222 $15.49
11 Middletown, NJ $31,746 $15.26
12 Ottawa, IL $30,738 $14.78
13 Menomonee Falls, WI $30,396 $14.61
14 Edgewood, MD $30,274 $14.55
15 Troy, MI $30,171 $14.51
16 Billings, MT $30,091 $14.47
17 Glendale, AZ $30,006 $14.43
18 Overland Park, KS $29,535 $14.20
19 Kingstowne, VA $29,284 $14.08
20 Blue Springs, MO $29,234 $14.05


What Are Top 5 Best Paying Related Kohls Jobs in Missouri

The five jobs below pay more than any other types of jobs at Kohls.

Kohls Modeling $59,060 $28.39
Kohls Corporate $50,605 $24.33
Kohls Manager $48,312 $23.23
Kohls Wholesale $40,794 $19.61
Kohls Department Stores $40,186 $19.32


Kohl’s Salaries by Department

Another factor that determines the salaries of the workers of Kohls is the department or organizational functions.  The table below shows the salaries of the workers at Kohls according to their salaries;

Rank   Department   Average Salary   Hourly Rate  
1 Facilities $34,578 $16.62
2 Warehouse $32,566 $15.66
3 Retail $31,562 $15.17
4 Customer Service $30,856 $14.83
5 Sales $28,654 $13.78


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of Working At Kohls?

The list below contains some of the benefits that Kohl’s staffs get;

  • Medical and dental coverage.
  • Merchandise discounts.
  • Paid time off.
  • 401k with company match.
  • Fitness centers and gym discounts.
  • Associate groups.
  • Adoption assistance.

Does Kohls Make You Take a Drug Test?

At kohl’s, employees are not required to submit to random drug testing, but during employment, employees will have to make themselves available for drug testing.

Does Kohls Allow Overtime?

Employees at Kohls are required to work double shifts and work additionally before and after their scheduled shifts. Workers who take on these responsibilities are usually paid extra for their troubles.

How Many Times Can You Call Off at Kohls?

At Kohls’, the attendance policy is 12 occurrences in twelve months leads to termination. Within the first 90 days of your employment, you can have 3 occurrences before you may be terminated.

What is the Lowest Salary at Kohl’s

At kohl’s, the lowest salary is $29,909 per year.

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