How Does Facebook Dating App Work: Facebook Dating Free Features | Online Dating on Facebook App

Speaking of How Does Facebook Dating App Work, if the Facebook Dating App is accessible to your country, then you must be of age 18 and above to use this service. You just need to like a person’s profile if you are interested in them.

How Does Facebook Dating App Work

This will notify the users you like them and will be matched with them if they like you back. You can tap on the cancel (X) sign to skip users you are not interested in.

How Does Facebook Dating App Work?

The Facebook Dating settings allow you to be matched within your friend’s circle, this can be the friends of your friend. To be matched with your Facebook friend, you will have to add them to your secret crush list. This list can only accept about 9 of your Facebook friends. And you will be matched to them once they have added you to theirs too. You can get to use this feature if you have created your Facebook account.

Facebook Dating Free Features

Some of the Facebook dating features are:

  • Live location: Users can share within themselves their current live locations on the chat platform.
  • Stories sharing: Since the Facebook account is a separate platform found on the Facebook app, it can be linked to your Facebook and Instagram. With this, users can share their Facebook and Instagram stories to the Facebook Dating platform.
  • Secret Crush: Just like the name, this feature allows you secretly add your Facebook friends to your crush list. It is never possible to get matched with your Facebook friends by default. But with the secret crush feature, users can get matched if the other user adds them to their own crush list.

Above are some of the amazing features of the dating service.

Online Dating on Facebook App

Here is how to get started with dating online on Facebook.

  • Log in to your Facebook app. (You can sign up to Facebook using the step you will find below titles Facebook Sign Up if you don’t have an account on Facebook yet)
  • Tap on the hamburger Menu.
  • Tap Dating from the option displayed on the menu list.
  • Hit the “Get Started” button and set up your dating profile.

That’s it. Immediately your dating profile is created, you will be taken to a page where potential matches will be displayed to you.

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