Facebook Dating App Shortcut 2021 – Dating in Facebook Free | Facebook Dating App Available

Is there a Facebook Dating App Shortcut 2021? The simple answer to this question is the “official Facebook app”. Let me explain further, what I mean is that, the Facebook dating app, is the same Facebook official app that Facebook users use to access their accounts every day. There is no separate Dating app, rather, you can access the dating feature from your Facebook page.

Facebook Dating App Shortcut 2021

The only thing you are required to do is to upgrade your app to the current version and then check to know if the dating app is available in your country. Once you have the current version of the Facebook app, and the dating feature is up in your country, that is all you need to create a profile, and not to go looking for a separate dating app.

Facebook Dating App Shortcut 2021 – Tips to Dating on Facebook

Like every other social media platform, Facebook has its own share of fraudulent users, thus we can’t say the Facebook dating platform is free of dubious users who would want to take advantage of vulnerable singles who are looking for love. Thus you have to be vigilant and well-armed with wisdom as you engage on the dating site. Here are a few things you should note:

  • Avoid meeting up with people you just met on the platform physically in an undisclosed venue.
  • Always intimate someone before you have a physical date with someone you met online, like your friends or family or even both. This is to keep them notified in case of any eventualities.
  • Avoid giving out your financial details, like account number, PIN, or any other detail that can be used to your detriment.
  • You should chat and date online for some time before you actually meet up physically in order to try and know each other better.
  • Be careful not to share private personal information too soon.

Before you can access the dating feature, you need a Facebook account, and to have one, you need to sign up. Here, let me show you how to sign up both on mobile and the app.

Dating in Facebook Free

Here is how to begin dating in Facebook free.

  • Open the Facebook official app
  • Login to your account or create an already existing one
  • Tap on the hamburger menu icon
  • Select the dating icon and tap on it. The dating icon is a heart shaped icon colored red and purple.
  • On the dating home, tap on the “Get Started” button and create your dating profile

Once your dating profile is created, you will be taken to a page where potential matches will be displayed to you.


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