12 Highest Paying Legal Jobs

In this article, we will explore the highest paying legal jobs. The legal industry has always been linked to lucrative incomes and esteemed positions. But in terms of pay, not all legal positions are created equal. Due to multiple factors, including experience, education, expertise, and location, some positions in the legal sector pay much more than others.

Highest Paying Legal Jobs

What are Legal Jobs?

Legal jobs are professions that involve providing legal services, advice, and representation to clients. These positions call for a thorough knowledge of the law, legal processes, and legal principles. Legal professionals can be found working in a range of institutions, including courts, corporations, non-profits, and law firms.

12 Highest Paying Legal Jobs

There are many lucrative legal careers for you to choose from. Aside from the actual work, keep in mind that your pay may differ depending on your location, your level of experience, the size of your practice, and the demand in the market. Here are some of the highest paying legal jobs;

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyers assist their clients on legal issues pertaining to business activity when working with huge businesses. Contract drafting and negotiation, dispute resolution, and maintaining legal and regulatory compliance fall under their responsibility. Corporate lawyers often hold a law degree from a prestigious university and have several years of experience working in the field of company law. A corporate lawyer’s annual average salary ranges from $97,000 to $122,000.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property (IP) lawyers specialize in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  They assist customers in legal disputes involving IP infringement and offer advice on how to protect client’s intellectual property. IP attorneys typically hold a legal degree in addition to having technical training in a subject like engineering, computer science, or biology. An IP lawyer makes about $40,000 to $168,000 a year on average.


In a courtroom, judges preside over legal proceedings. Depending on the jurisdiction, they have different duties and powers. Judges maintain order in the court and handle the trial impartially. They also pronounce sentences and explain the purpose and implications of the legislation. Judge’s annual average salary ranges from $100,000 to $170,000.

Healthcare Lawyer

Healthcare lawyers advise clients on legal issues relating to the healthcare industry, such as medical malpractice, healthcare fraud, and compliance with healthcare regulations. They

are in charge of contract formulation and negotiation, legal research, and client representation in court cases. Healthcare lawyers frequently hold law degrees and come from the healthcare industry or a closely connected profession. A healthcare attorney typically earns $80,000 to $101,000 per year.

Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate attorneys advise clients on legal issues relating to the acquisition, disposition, and lease of real estate properties. They are in charge of creating and reviewing contracts, mediating conflicts, and making sure that zoning and land use laws are followed. Real estate attorneys often hold a law degree and have several years of real estate law expertise. A real estate attorney typically earns $130,000 to $176,000 per year.

Patent Attorney

Patent lawyers are experts in the field of patent law and assist businesses and inventors in obtaining patents for their creations. Patent lawyers are in high demand since the field of patent law is extremely complex. Depending on experience and specialization, patent attorneys may earn anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 or more annually.

Chief Legal Officer

Chief legal officers use their legal knowledge to assist businesses in reducing their exposure to risk. On matters like lawsuit concerns, they offer advice to the company’s other executives and board members. They simply give guidance on any legal and administrative difficulties. Chief legal officers also keep the business informed of any changes to the law that may have an impact. The chief legal officer’s annual average salary ranges from $100,000 to $250,000.

General Counsel

An organization’s executive and senior leadership receive legal and legislative advice from the general counsel. They oversee the company’s legal affairs, draft various agreements, including employment contracts, and assess the contribution and effects of corporate choices. The average annual salary of a general counsel ranges from $100,000 to $444,000.

Law Professor

Law professors teach legal topics at colleges and law schools. They are well-respected members of the legal profession who frequently receive fair compensation for their skills. Law professors can make six figures annually. The average annual salary of a law professor ranges from $87,000 to $251,000.

Government Lawyer

Government lawyers offer legal counsel and representation on a variety of topics to federal, state, and local government organizations. Criminal law, civil litigation, and regulatory compliance are just a few of the many fields in which government lawyers can operate. Depending on the level of government and the location of their practice, government lawyers can earn a wide range of salaries. Government lawyers can earn $80,000 to $117,000 annually.

Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers counsel clients on legal issues relating to the workplace, such as harassment, discrimination, and pay and hour disputes. Employment lawyers are specialists in employment law. They are in charge of writing employment contracts, looking into complaints, and defending clients in court. Legal training and several years of employment law practice are often requirements for employment lawyers. An employment lawyer makes about $77,000 to $103,000 a year on average.

Family Lawyer

Legal disputes involving members of the same family are handled by family lawyers. They provide legal counsel on issues like guardianship, adoption, emancipation, and divorce. Family lawyers also supervise family mediation sessions and manage family estates. The average annual salary of a family lawyer ranges from $68,000 to $93,000.

Tips to Find Legal Jobs

If you are in search of legal jobs, these tips might be of help to you;

Build a Strong Network

Networking is one of the best strategies for finding legal employment. Attend legal conferences, seminars, and events, and connect on LinkedIn and other social media sites with other legal professionals. As they can provide beneficial networking opportunities, join your local bar association and legal organizations.

Make use of Job Boards

Job boards with a focus on legal positions include Lawjobs.com, Indeed.com, and SimplyHired.com. Based on your selected location, practice area, and other relevant features, you can look for legal jobs.

Consult with legal staffing firms

You can get assistance from legal recruiters in locating job openings that fit your qualifications. They can connect you with potential employers because they have wide-ranging networks in the legal sector. You can look for legal recruiters online or by requesting suggestions from people in your network.

Use the career services department at your law school

Your career services office can be a helpful tool in your job search if you recently received your law degree. They may assist you with interview preparation, drafting cover letters and resumes, and making connections with former students working in the legal sector.

Carry out research on law firms and Companies

Do some research on the businesses and legal firms in the region and practice area you choose. Go to their websites to see if there are any job openings. A targeted résumé and cover letter can also be sent to the recruiting manager or HR division.

Create Opportunities

Don’t wait for job opportunities to come to you. Asking for job openings at possible employers will help you be proactive in your employment search. Attend job fairs and other events to network with businesses and discover available positions.

By making use of these suggestions, you can improve your chances of locating a legal position that matches your qualifications and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications are needed to become a lawyer?

The normal requirements for becoming a lawyer include a bachelor’s degree, completion of law school, and passing the state bar test. State or jurisdiction-specific requirements could differ for admission.

What skills are needed to succeed in a legal career?

Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities, good verbal and written communication skills, attention to detail, time management and organizational abilities, and the ability to function effectively under pressure are all features that are useful in a legal career.

What is the Work Environment like for Legal Professions?

Depending on the particular position and region, the working environment for legal practitioners differs. However, a lot of legal professionals work in law firms, government organizations, or corporate legal departments, and they might put in a lot of overtime, especially when deadlines are drawing near.

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