Hate Speech Surge on Twitter Ever Since Musk Took Over

Hate speech surge on Twitter ever since Musk took over according to research.

Hate Speech Surge on Twitter Ever Since Musk Took Over

Hate Speech Surge on Twitter Ever Since Musk Took Over

Researchers are at the moment pushing back against the claim of Elon Musk that ever since he acquired the social media company, hate speech has declined on the platform.

According to research from the center for Countering Digital Hate on October 27, tweets on the social media platform containing hateful slurs have continued to be on the rise ever since musk took over the company.

Researchers compared the Average Daily Tweets on the Platform Currently and Before Musk Took Over

Researchers compared the average daily tweets from the week just before the takeover of musk on September 27 to October 26 to the week up to the tweet of Musk in regards to impressions of hate speech falling.

A slur that was used against black people was in 30,546 tweets which is triple the rate before the takeover of musk, the research revealed. Tweets with slurs on the other targeted at gay men, Jewish people, transgenders, and Latinos also increased during that time frame.

Researchers Made Use of Data from Brandwatch Social Media Analytics Company

Researchers made use of data from Brandwatch which is a social media analytics company and the numbers included original tweets, retweets, and quote tweets. The tweets that were analyzed by the group came from several places across the globe but it however only included those in the English language.

Elon Musk However Disputed the Claim on Twitter

Elon musk however disputed the claim on Twitter citing a chart with data from October 17 to November 30 he said showed that the number of times that a tweet containing hate speech was viewed declined. The chart reveals hate speech impressions are slightly over 2.5 million. Elon musk however did not provide any details in regards to how Twitter defined hate speech or how it measured the impressions of those tweets in question.


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