Harvard University Charles Bullard Fellowship 2024 – APPLY NOW

Harvard University is inviting suitably qualified Candidates for the 2024 edition of the Charles Bullard Fellowship program. When it comes to advancing research and fostering growth in the realm of forested ecosystems, Harvard University stands at the forefront.

Harvard University Charles Bullard Fellowship

The prestigious institution awards a limited number of Bullard Fellowships each year to exceptional individuals from various disciplines. These fellowships offer a unique opportunity for individuals to contribute to the study of forested ecosystems, promoting both scientific and professional growth.

Charles Bullard Fellowship Details

Harvard University recognizes the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research in understanding forest ecosystems. The Bullard Fellowship program is designed to bring together talented individuals with a passion for forest research, creating a platform for collaboration, growth, and knowledge exchange.

Fellows have the freedom to explore a diverse range of research areas, from understanding tree physiology to evaluating the impact of public policy on forest conservation. This breadth of research opportunities ensures that the Bullard Fellowship attracts individuals from various fields, creating a dynamic and engaging community of researchers.

Fellowship Scope

The scope of the Bullard Fellowship is extensive, covering a wide array of research areas. These areas include

  • Forest ecology,
  • Tree physiology
  • Soil biogeochemistry
  • Microbial ecology
  • Forest resource management,
  • Conservation and biodiversity
  • Land use planning
  • Public policy, and
  • Arts and environmental humanities.

The program invites scholars, practitioners, and artists alike to contribute their unique perspectives to the study of forests.

Charles Bullard Fellowship Benefits

Selected fellows of the Bullard Fellowship are entitled to several benefits that contribute to their research journey and personal growth. The fellowship carries stipends of up to $75,000, with the amount varying based on the duration of the fellowship. This stipend can be directed either to the fellow or to their employer.

The stipend serves as a supplementary income to support research-related endeavors. Whether it’s a sabbatical leave, federal support, or educational leave, the stipend aids in facilitating focused research efforts.

In addition to the stipend, Fellows receive a travel fellowship, which covers the cost of a round trip between their fellowship site and home base.

Eligibility Criteria for Charles Bullard Fellowship

  • Bullard Fellowships are tailored for individuals who have made substantial contributions in academia, public service, or the private sector.
  • The program seeks accomplished scholars and practitioners who possess a demonstrated track record of excellence and vision.
  • Recent Ph.D. graduates are typically not eligible for these fellowships.
  • For those in academic careers, preference is given to doctoral degree holders who have published significant work in their field.
  • Humanities and social sciences applicants should have published at least two articles, while STEM applicants should have at least five.
  • Non-academic applicants are required to showcase leadership in their respective fields and propose projects that contribute significantly to forest studies.

Application Timeline

Fellowships may commence anytime after September 1 and typically last 6 to 12 months. Applications, along with required documentation, must be submitted by October 1 at 5 pm EST. A feedback notification will be sent to successful candidates on or before 15th December 2023.

How to Apply for Charles Bullard Fellowship 2024?

  • Eligible Candidates can apply by visiting the Harvard University website at https://harvardforest2.fas.harvard.edu/asp/hf/php/login
  • The application process will require new users to Enter their email addresses, after which the applicant will receive a message with a link to create a new account.
  • Returning Users can proceed to log in by entering their email address and password in the space provided

Required Documents

Applicants are required to submit a completed web-based application form.

They should provide contact information for three references who can offer insight into their proposed program and qualifications.

A statement of research outlining the applicant’s professional journey and proposed research at Harvard, along with a concise CV, is also required.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Harvard University Charles Bullard Fellowship in Forest Research for the year 2023 is October 1, 2023.

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