10 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in December 2022

The best thing that can ever happen to any family is creating a standing relationship with your in-laws. Are you wondering how it can be possible? Well, it is 99 and 1 per cent possible.

10 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in December 2022
10 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in December 2022

You can build that relationship by showing how much you care about them by sending happy new month prayers to them.

In this article, we will be giving you a list of the 10 happy new month prayers for your in-laws in December 2022. Thus, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy yourself with every given detail of this content.

10 Happy New Month Prayer for Your In-Laws in December 2022

On this page, you will be accessible to all types of prayers you can send to your in-law come the new month of December. Here is the given list that will help you:

Prayer of Unity

My in-law, I pray this prayer for us all that will continue to stand united as one big family. In this new month and beyond, there shall be no division of any kind. A happy New Month to you, my in-laws.

New Month Prayer of Good Health

Just like the word of God says that we shall live our days in good health and spend our years in prosperity, so I pray that there shall be no health challenges. In Wealth we will receive good health and in good health, we will receive wealth. Happy new month family and more.

Happy New Month of Provision

God’s promise to open the widow of heaven and pour out his blessing there will be no room enough to contain it. On this promise, I pray that the blessings of the lord will not depart from your house and you will experience an increase in your very side. Happy New Month my people!

Prayer for Victory

Happy New Month. I pray that in every battle of life you are involved in you shall come out victorious. You shall be crowned with victory in anything you set your mind to do and you shall be blessed.

New Month Prayer of Promotion

Stagnation is something no one wants in life. Well, I believe the greatest lifter of men is the lord almighty and on this new month, I pray that you shall not be in one level you shall greatly increase in strength and capacity Happy new month to you!

Happy New Month Prayer for Happiness

And when men say there is a casting down you will declare saying there is a lifting up. This means in the might of sorry, you shall rejoice, in the place of anxiety you shall stay happy. Happy New Month to you.

Prayer for God’s Protection

You are declared safe and protected by the lord. No evil shall come near your dwelling. In this new month, the lord has taken charge of your well-being. This month, the protection of the lord is sure and guaranteed. Happy new month my people.

New Month Prayer of Grace

In this new month, the grace that passes all understanding shall be granted to you in the name of Jesus name. The grace of God shall speak for you in all areas and life expectations. Happy new month.

Prayer of Comfort

He promises to send a comforter to all his people. I pray for you this month that you shall be comforted on every side. You shall see no shame of disgraces. You are highly favoured and blessed. Happy New Month!

Happy New Month Prayer of Abundance

In this new month and beyond you shall experience an overflow of God’s blessings and favour in your home and life activities. happy new month in-laws.

How to Send Happy New Month Wishes and Prayers to your In Law

Below are the different ways you can send a happy new month wish to your in law:

  • You can do it via SMS.
  • through call.
  • And also, you can send gifts with a written note that contains those prayers and wishes.

These are simple ways to send wishes, prayers to messages.

Why Should You Wish  People a Happy New Month?

Sending someone a happy new month message is a sign that tells the person that you care about the person. It is simply a form of showing love to people.

Must you Include Scriptures in your New Month Prayers?

The answer to the above is no. it is not compulsory to include it but it is necessary to back your worlds with it. Hence, whatever you do, it is important you add God’s word to it.


You can only build a lasting relationship with people with how you relate to them and how much you care for them. This is an opportunity you can take advantage of for a start.



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