20 Happy New Month Prayers & Wishes for your Uncle in December 2022

This article contains 20 sample happy new month prayers you can send to your uncle in December 2022. Your uncle ought to be one of your favourite people in the world.

20 Happy New Month Prayers and Wishes for your Uncle in December 2022
20 Happy New Month Prayers and Wishes for your Uncle in December 2022

The role of an uncle is that of a second father. This means that these people should be treated as important as they are.

Sending good wishes and prayers are some of the best ways to appreciate him for playing his role perfectly in your life.

20 Happy New Month Prayers & Wishes for your Uncle in December 2022

To wish your uncle the best this month, you can send him one of these sample texts;

  • God will promote you to greater heights this very month than you have ever thought of before this month. may the good lord give you divine speed where none exists before. Happy new month Uncle.
  • The good Lord will satisfy you with his love and happiness. He will supply you with bread and wine to drink. May he make this month a blessed month for you. Happy new month.
  • May God bring great and amazing development to your work this December. The good lord will grant you peace in all that you do. Happy new month.
  • In this new month, God will give you all that you desire speedily. He will grant you grace beyond all limitations and give you total peace of mind. Happy new month, Uncle.
  • May the abundant mercy of God, peace, and tranquillity be rich in your life in the new month and beyond, amen. Happy new month.
  • It is my prayer this month that your status will change for the better. The Lord shall give you a fresh testimony among your equals, and fill your heart with new goals and dreams. Happy new month uncle.
  • I am very convinced that in this new month, God has something very unique for you, and I believe it will come. Happy new month.
  • May this month be adorned with fruitfulness, prosperity, joy unspeakable, peace of mind, and great news. Happy new month uncle.
  • The good lord shall answer all your prayers this month. therefore, go into the new month rejoicing for the lord has said that he will grant all your wishes. Happy new month.
  • In this new month, the lord will give you divine favour divine acceleration, and greater success than you have ever had before. Amen. Happy new month.
  • My prayer for you this month is that your results will be better than that of the previous months. Happy new month uncle.
  • The Good lord of Peace will be with you and grant you inner peace of mind, joy, and happiness this new month. Happy new month uncle.
  • God will grant you all your desires beyond what your mind can bear, he will satisfy you daily with all the good things of life.
  • May the good lord bless you and grant all your heart desires and decorate you on every side for blessing this new month and even beyond. Happy new month Uncle.
  • I wish you an evergreen success that does not fade away. Prosperity and joy are my prayers for you this month of December. Happy new month.
  • All your dreams and aspirations will come to pass this month. Happy new month uncle.
  • Happy new month to one of the most amazing souls in the world I have ever come across in life, may the lord bless you.
  • This new month shall bring you all the desires of your heart and lift your spirit. Happy new month uncle.
  • Happy new month to my mentor, my friend, and my father figure. May this season bring you enormous joy and happiness. Amen.
  • Having you as my uncle is one of the greatest blessings that has been given to me. Happy new month Uncle.

Happy Birthday Wishes To your Uncle

Is it your uncle’s birthday this December? Here are some sample messages you could send to him to make him happy.

  • for my uncle, I wish you a very happy birthday. Someone like you deserves the biggest and best celebration ever. I hope the year ahead has lots of amazing things in store for you.
  • Happy birthday big uncle, the sky is just the beginning for you, today and forever. I wish you many more years of celebration.
  • Happy birthday, uncle, you are one of the best uncles anyone can ever ask for. May you get all that you have ever desired.
  • Happy birthday, uncle, we are here to raise a toast and celebrate the awesome person you are. Cheers to good health and happiness in the year ahead.
  • May the Lord bless you beyond measure and may you experience the goodness of the lord. Happy birthday, uncle.
  • Happy birthday dear uncle. Cheers to you, sit back and relax. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday.
  • To my uncle who is always the life of the party. Happy birthday. Enjoy your special day.
  • Happy birthday to the most amazing uncle. I have always looked up to you and I keep looking at you as my role model and friend.
  • To my beloved uncle. Happy birthday. I count all the beautiful memories you have made me and the people you love.
  • Happy birthday to one of the most amazing people I have met in the world.

Your uncle is a very special person to you. do all that you can to put a smile on his face on his special day.



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