Hair Barber Jobs in the USA With VISA Sponsorship

Getting hair barber jobs in the United States with a VISA sponsorship might not be very easy. This is especially because you are trying to get the same result as everyone else. The tips in this article will help you achieve your goals without much stress.

Hair Barber Jobs in the USA With VISA Sponsorship

Without a doubt, there are indeed lots of ways to migrate to the United States of America. VISA sponsorship remains one of the best ways to do this especially if you do not have enough funds to pay for your entry and stay in the United States of America.

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Hair Barber Jobs in the USA With VISA Sponsorship

With VISA sponsorship, your sponsor, which in most cases is your employer is the one that pushes for your entry into the United States of America by undergoing certain procedures. This is done on the account that you will work for his or her company when you get into the USA.

Who is a Hair Barber?

A Hair barber is a person that cuts, trims, shapes, and tapers hair using scissors, razors, clippers, and combs. These people also provide facial hair maintenance, custom shaves, and several other services such as shampooing.

What are the Major Duties of a Hair Barber?

The major responsibilities of a barber are;

  • Welcoming clients and consulting with them on their desired hairstyles
  • Cutting and trimming customer’s hair according to the client’s instructions
  • They style hair using chemical solutions and styling tools.
  • These professionals are also responsible for shaving, trimming, and shaping the beards and mustaches of clients
  • Barbers wash and condition clients’ hair.
  • They provide hair treatments and coloring.
  • They also make sure that hair materials like combs, scissors, razors, and other instruments are cleaned and sanitized after usage.
  • Provide face, scalp, and neck massages
  • Provide hairstyle suggestions to their clients.

How Much Do Hair Barbers Earn in the United States of America?

Barbers in the United States of America earn a satiable amount of money. One of the good things about this job is that its payments could rise according to your work output. Barbers in the United States earn as much as $26,444 to $36,559 per year.

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Qualifications and Requirements to Become a Hair Barber

To be employed by a standard salon in the United States of America, you must have the following qualifications;

  • A High school diploma
  • A Barbers license
  • Good Knowledge of current hairstyles and trends

Skills Required by a Hair Barber

Although your educational qualifications and license are important, it is vital to have the following skills;

  • You must have the ability to follow instructions
  • You must be able to stand for a long period.
  • Good communication skills
  • Exceptional customer service skills.
  • Creativity
  • Good hair knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Active listening
  • Good time management skills

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Where Can You Find Hair Barber Jobs in The United States with VISA Sponsorship

As stated at the beginning of this article, the best way to search for a job with a VISA sponsorship is by doing it online.

The best places to search for a job online are Global online job listing websites. With these websites, you can get job suggestions from various parts of the world even when you are physically located in your home country.

Good examples of Online Global job listing websites are;

Click on the link above to be led directly to the pages for Hair barber Jobs in the United States of America.

How to Apply for a Hair Barber Job in the United States with VISA Sponsorship

To apply for a job as a hair barber in the United States with a VISA sponsorship;

  • Sharpen your barbing skills and get the required qualification to be employed by a company in the United States of America
  • Now, create a very compelling and professional CV and cover letter for yourself.
  • Now, approach all the job listing websites and search for hair barber jobs with VISA sponsorship.
  • When you get all the suggestions from these websites, visit the individual websites of the job openings to get full information on the required qualifications for each job.
  • When you get the ones that fit right for you, submit your application and wait to be contacted by the recruiter.

If you are chosen by the recruiter, you will be contacted for an interview.

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Expected Interview Questions for Hair Barbers

Here are some sample interview questions for hair barbers to help you prepare for your interview with a US company;

Why Do you Want This Job?

The knowledge of your intentions is very important to your interviewer. Therefore, you should expect this question in the majority of the interviews.

Your answer to this question, tell them about your passion and your gifts and how that is a driving force for your seeking this job.

Tell Me About Yourself

The major concern of such an interviewer is to know more about your professional background. Instead of talking about your normal lifestyle and family background, talk about your professional history, your strengths, and achievements.

Are You a Leader or a Follower?

This question tests your ability to work with people and be loyal to constituted authority. A good leader stems from first becoming a good follower. Therefore, express your ability to do both in words as you answer this question.

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

This is the best time to show off how awesome you are in your job.  To express this, talk about the situation that warranted your intervention, talk about the task you had to complete, the actions you took, and the results that happened.

Companies Sponsoring Hair Barbers in the United States of America

Here are some companies presently sponsoring the VISAs of hair barbers in the United States of America;

Modern Man Barbers Shop

Modern Barbers shop, a barber’s shop located in Vancouver, BC is looking for an experienced barber who can perform duties like barbing and cutting, applying shampoo, shaving and trimming beards, and other barber-related duties. They are willing to pay about $17 per hour for this.

Fade Station Barbers Shop Inc

This barber shop is looking for a barber to work in their outlet and perform several duties related to barbing such as barbing, shaving, applying shampoo, and supervising other hair stylists. They are willing to pay about $28 per hour for this job.

Gentleman Jacks Barbershop INC

The Gentleman Jacks barbers’ shop is looking for a barber to work in a barbershop or hairstyling salon or studio in an urban area.  He or she will take control of hair styling activities in the salon. They are willing to pay the sum of $26 – $36 per hour.

Jasper Inn

Jasper Inn is looking for a dedicated barber to join its team to give its customers the best experience for their guests. Such a person should be able to work on shifts. You will be paid $17 per hour for this.

Spasation Salon & Spa

SPasation salon and bar is a salon, spa, and Coiffeur place. They are willing to pay the sum of $23.33 per hour for barbers.

Barberholic Barbershop Inc

This shop is looking for a worker who can perform certain duties that cut across administration and barbs at the same time. With this role, you can earn an average of $26.06 per hour.

To get more information about these jobs, click this link.

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Type of Visa to Apply for to Get a USA Barber Visa Sponsorship Job

Although there are lots of VISA options for foreigners in the United States, the H-1B VISA is the best for this type of job.

Companies can hire temporary foreign workers in the USA through the H1B sponsorship process. Although the terms might be modified under specific conditions.

Benefits of Working Barber Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

There are various benefits of getting a role as a barber in the United States of America.  Some of these benefits are;

  • You will get a very good pay
  • It gives people the opportunity to socialize
  • You can work on your schedule
  • You can be your boss, working as a barber.
  • It allows you to express your creativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where In the US Do Barbers Make the Most Money?

In the United States of America, in the year 2021, the state of Washington earned an average of $53,000 US dollars. This was the highest earning for the year, 2021.

How Do I Prepare for A Barber Interview?

To prepare for a Barbers interview, follow the tips below;

  • Know all the questions that you may be asked and their right answers
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Research beforehand and ask the right questions
  • Be prepared to be practical

Can I get sponsored to work in the USA?

Of course, you can get sponsored to work in the United States. Follow all the steps given in this article to make this possible.

Are there Jobs in the USA for Foreign Barbers?

There are lots of jobs for barbers in the United States of America. Some of these jobs have been advertised in this article for you. The demand for this type of labor in the USA is ever-increasing.

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