Greek Easter in 2021 – The Dates for Greek Easter 2021 | Countries that celebrate Greek Easter 2021

Speaking of Greek Easter in 2021, Easter is a very important Christian festival that is always celebrated every year, Easter celebration is majorly celebrated to mark the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this article, we are going to be giving all the necessary information you need to know about Greek Easter 2021.

Greek Easter 2021

Greek Easter in 2021

The Eastern Orthodox Church will celebrating Easter on different dates in the western world – but will it also be a bank holiday. There is actually more than one Easter in the calendar, this is majorly due to the fact that there is a difference between Western Christianity and Eastern Christianity but the majority of the people in the world celebrate with the Western traditions while the remaining population follows the Eastern population which is also known as the Greek Easter 2021.

The Western Christian Church makes use of the Gregorian calendar while the Eastern Orthodox Church makes use of the earlier Julian calendar to celebrate what is popularly known as the Greek Easter or Orthodox Easter.

The Dates for Greek Easter 2021

The dates for Greek Orthodox Easter in  the year2021 are:

  • Good Friday – April 30, 2021
  • Holy Saturday – May 1, 2021
  • Easter Sunday or Easter Day – May 2, 2021

Countries that celebrate Greek Easter 2021

In spite of the fact that it is popularly called Greek Easter, this tradition is celebrated in various other places apart from Greece. Some of the other countries that observe the Greek Easter officially every year include Romania, Cyprus, Lebanon, Russia, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

The main date for Easter is Easter Sunday which signifies the resurrection of Christ and the fasting of Lent continues all through the Holy week and ends on Easter Sunday.

How is Greek Easter Celebrated?

In Greece, the celebration of the Greek Easter usually begins with preparations from the Holy Thursday. The Easter bread (tsoureki) is baked and eggs are colored with red dye. The Red dye is used to color the eggs because the  Red color is a symbol of life and also symbolic of the blood of Christ.

Good Friday is usually a day set apart of mourning. Devoted Greek Christians do not eat or cook at all except simple foods such as tahini soup are cooked if very necessary. Flowers are used to decorating the church as a representation of the body of Christ and it is carried in procession during the Service of Lamentation.

Greek Easter Families make mayiritsa on Easter Sunday, this is a soup made from lamb (or goat kid) offal and tripe. It is usually kept warm when everyone goes to church in the evening so people can get to enjoy it without being cold when they come back from church.

Green Easter worshippers attend church with special white candles that are lit a little before midnight when the Eternal Flame on the altar is passed around. After this, the worshippers take the candlelight home and light other candles with it then take their breakfast together. More research can be done on Google.

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