Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2023 – How to Apply

Apply now for the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2023 to Gain the knowledge and guidance to grow as a leader and scale your organization.

Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2023

We are pleased to Inform you that the Gratitude Network Program is inviting Applications from non-profit leaders and Organizations globally for a free One Year leadership Program. The program is designed to build the leaders’ confidence and capabilities and also provide the needed tools and processes for expanding the organization’s impact.

Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2023

Gratitude Network is committed to  accelerating the growth of high-impact social entrepreneurs who are working to improve the lives of children and youth in three key areas: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Children’s Rights. Fellows will gain increased leadership confidence and lead more effectively.

Gratitude Network organizes a global research annually for leaders with social impact and who demonstrates proven organization model for serving children and youth and are committed to leadership growth thereby, taking their organization to the next level.

Details of the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program

  • Program Type: Entrepreneurs (Leadership)
  • Host Organization: Gratitude Network
  • Number of Fellows: 30-35 Fellows
  • Eligible Gender: Male and Female
  • Focus: Education, Health and Wellbeing, Children’s Rights.
  • Application status: Open
  • Components: Participants learn and develop through these program components:

Leadership Coaching

Peer Networking

Scaling-Up Curriculum

Networking Events & Activities.

  • Duration: 7-10 hour monthly time commitment
  • Location: Virtual sessions
  • Application Deadline: 05 March, 2023

Benefits of the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program

For Leader:

  • Gain Increased Leadership Confidence
  • The leader gets to Lead teams more effectively
  • Get to know leadership strengths and opportunities

For Organization:

  • Aligned leadership team
  • A clear vision towards expansion relevant to their community
  • Organizations will have multi-year strategic plan to execute the vision
  • Scale

Impact for Beneficiaries:

  • Change in Impact Trajectory
  • Increase in Children and Youth Impacted.

About Gratitude Network

The Gratitude Network is a noble non-profit and a global leadership network, it has a mission to identify and nurture highly innovative and scaleable social enterprises which are focused on impacting children and youth in the U.S. and abroad.

The Gratitude Network was conceived on the eve of a milestone birthday of the founder and Executive Director (Randy Haykin), who at the time, turned age 50. Randy Haykin had been a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and he wanted to shift his career to charitable giving and making more impact on the lives of marginalized populations.

This made him create the Gratitude 365, an experiment where he challenged himself to make blog/post of the things he was grateful for an entire year. Subsequently, Randy thought of turning his gratitude into action which led to the birth of the Gratitude Network.

How to Apply for the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program 2023?

All interested and Qualified applicants/leaders should visit the official webpage of the Gratitude Network at: to apply

Eligibility Criteria for the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program

Applicants and the organization must meet the eligibility requirements below:


  • Must be Legally registered non-profit, charity, NGO organization
  • The Organization must be at least two years old since establishment
  • To Eligible, the Organization Must have at least two full-time employees (including the applicant)
  • The Beneficiaries must primarily be children/youth and served in one of the following categories: Education, Health and Well-being, Children’s Rights
  • The Organization must be Ready to scale and expand the impact of the organization


  • Must have strategic decision making power for the organization
  • Must be Committed full-time to the organization
  • He or She must be ready and interested to lead the organization through scaling and expanding impact
  • Must Adhere to the time commitments and schedule of the Gratitude Network Fellowship Program.

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