Google Web Store – How will users find my extension?

Unfortunately, most Google Chrome users do not know about the Google Web Store. If they were asked what the Google Web Store is, they would be speechless. Well, if you find yourself amongst such categories, you would definitely want to read this article to the end. Yes! Most people do know how to create a Google Account.

Google Web Store
Google Web Store

They also know how to download and install the Google Chrome official app on their various devices but when it comes to the Google Web Store, things change as it is done a little differently. You can regard the Google Web Store as an open marketplace where Chrome apps, extensions, and themes can be gotten. Google Search Engine is also applicable to some extent in this web store.

On this amazing platform, consumers may browse, purchase, and even install items on their web browser. The apps, themes, and extensions on this platform are built with web technologies that run inside web browsers.

What is Google Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is an online store that allows you to publish apps and games on the platform either free or paid. Chrome users can easily find these games and apps. If you already have a web application, you can create a metadata file and publish your app within the platform in a few minutes. You could also create an app specialized for Chrome. However, to publish your apps on the platform, you must be a Chrome Developer. Other than that, you would be a regular customer searching for apps, games, themes, and extensions to install. Publishing your app in Chrome allows you to reach more people. You could also earn revenue or build some chrome specific features into your app.

How to Access Google Web Store

Accessing the Google web store is quite easy and fast. There is a direct URL to visit this platform. If you wish to access the Google Web Store, seek the URL on any web browser. Accessing this platform is free. However, you might need to create a Google account to begin making use of the platform.

Install and Manage Extensions

After accessing this amazing platform, you might want to learn how to install and manage extensions. Well, it is very simple.

  • Open the Chrome Web Store using the above-mentioned steps.
  • Find and click on the extension you are interested in.
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Click on “Add Extension” if the extension needs approval for certain permissions and data.

Above is how to install extensions. If you want to manage your extensions, it is quite different.

  • Open the Chrome web browser on your device.
  • Locate at the top right of the screen the more icon and tap on it.
  • Click on “More tools” and then “Extensions”.
  • Select each of the toggles to manage the extension however you see fit.

Above is how you can easily manage your Chrome extensions. There are a lot of things you can learn about managing your extensions and the good news is that you can learn all about it from the Google support center using this link

Publish your App on Google Web Store

This is rather a long and somewhat difficult process but if you are determined, you could be through in less than five minutes.

  • Get ready by choosing the web app you want to publish making note of its homepage URL and any other URL that it includes. Doing this, you should make sure that you would be able to prove ownership of the website attached. If you do not have a website, then you can create a free blog at Google Blogger and treat it as an app.
  • Create a manifest file. A manifest file is a JSON formatted file named manifest.json that describes the app.
  • Get images you would use throughout the app. Your app needs an icon and this is one of the images you would have to provide.
  • Verify that the App works. All you have to do is load the unpacked app into the browser so that you can confirm that the app is valid.
  • Zip up your app. In this process, you would have to create a ZIP archive that contains manifest.json and the icon.
  • Upload your app. You would have to upload the ZIP file you created earlier.
  • Fill out the form and upload images.
  • Preview and improve your app’s listing.
  • Test, deploy, publish, improve, repeat.

The steps above would help you successfully upload your app to the Chrome Web Store. However, if you noticed, the steps above are just the basics.

How Will Users Find My Extension?

The Chrome Web Store will showcase extensions in multiple ways. Each extension will have its own page in the store, which can be found through the store’s search function and other search engines. The store will also include category lists, along with various curated and algorithmically generated lists. It is advisable to promote your extension extensively through marketing websites and other methods, enabling users to discover your extension beyond the confines of the store.

Why Am I Being Asked to Pay a Registration Fee?

Paying the registration fee is a measure implemented to combat fraudulent activities on the Chrome Web Store. It is mandatory to complete this one-time payment in order to gain access to the Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard.



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