Google Settles $5 Billion Customer Privacy Suit over Its Chrome Incognito Mode

Google settles $5 billion customer privacy suit over its Chrome incognito mode. The tech company is reportedly accused of tracking Chrome users while they were in the incognito browsing mode secretly.

Google Settles Customer Privacy Suit

Google Settles Customer Privacy Suit

Tech company Google has reportedly agreed to settle a $5 billion lawsuit that alleges the firm secretly tracked Chrome users all the while they were browsing the web in incognito mode, as per a Reuters report on Thursday.

Terms of the said settlement have not been disclosed yet, but are however expected to be presented to the court for approval by Feb. 24, as per Reuters.

The Lawsuit Was Filed Back In 2020

The lawsuit in question, which was filed back in 2020 and potentially covering millions of users from June 1, 2016, onward, alleges that the company (Google) continued to track the data of Chrome users, even if it is that they were in incognito mode, which is a browser mode that suggests that it is more private.

Google’s Explanation of How It Copied User Data

Google revealed that when loading the incognito mode, it states, “Websites might be able to collect information about your browsing activity during your session.” The main and sole purpose of incognito mode is so that your personal browsing history will not be saved onto your device. Plaintiffs on the other hand allege, however, that Google was then given an “unaccountable trove of information,” including “potentially embarrassing things,” which could potentially be used to sell ads.

Google’s Plan to Dismiss the Lawsuit Earlier This Year

Google ultimately failed to have the suit dismissed in the early parts of this year. Plaintiffs were at the time seeking damages of at least $5,000 per user for alleged federal wiretapping as well as California privacy law violations, as per Reuters.



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