Google Removes ‘Your News Update’ Algorithm From Assistant

Google reportedly removes the ‘your news update algorithm from Assistant. The feature becomes the newest member of Google’s product graveyard.

Google Removes ‘Your News Update’ Algorithm From Assistant

Google Removes ‘Your News Update’ Algorithm From Assistant

The tech giant company, Google recently quietly removed its “your news update” feature from Assistant. The company axed the feature (algorithmically personalized audio digest) to favor its already existing and more traditional news briefing as cited by 9to5Google.

When Was the Feature Launched?

The feature originally was launched in 2019. The main aim of the launch of the feature was to bring back the same type of algorithmic feeds on Facebook that has been very successful over the years and also on other areas of Google’s products to audio news.

The feature will help users in getting news at their fingertips easily and quickly. And instead of users to be sourcing their news from platforms like CNN, NPR or the new york times, the “your news update will simply rely on Google’s large range and rich source of personal data in offering relevant and specific news updates from a large range of partners, the tech giant company Google was licensing from.

Problems With the “Your News Update” Feature

The initial idea was nice but there is always a problem with features like this one. And the problem with the feature at the time of release was that it relies on being accurate and especially for audio where users get to listen through each story. This type is always more time-consuming when compared to a text-based version.

Another problem with the algorithm is that Google guesses at what users are interested in which can be a hit or miss depending. And lastly, there was the very same issue with algorithmic fields here are it is on any other place on the internet which is it falling into a self-selected bubble of filtered news.

Google’s Response to the News

As of now, there is no official statement from the tech company (Google) as to why the feature was removed from its platform. Users may never know the real reason Google abandoned the feature.

On the other hand, however, Google assistant still offers its original news digest option meaning that users will not be left out or run out of places and features to help them with breaking news in all genres of the industry.


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