Google Play Store’s Best of 2021 Nominees – Too Many Choices

Google Play Store’s Best of 2021 Nominees

Google Play Store’s Best of 2021 Nominees. The time of the year where people would begin to collect and create lists that look back at the past few months. From retrospectives to “Best of “ lists, very soon, we would be inundated with some pieces that would actually try to point this rather messy year in a more positive light.

Google Play Store’s Best of 2021 Nominees

This also is the time of the year when the app stores get to reveal their best wares, and Google is asking their users to vote on this year’s top apps and games. Well, unfortunately, Google’s list, while notable, does actually throw some attention on One of Android’s most ironic problems: apps.

The Choices

The apps on Google’s list are taken what the company talks about as the “buzziest” new titles of the year. You would be able to see in the app section apps like the Clubhouse, Which got into Android just this year.

Also, there is the paramount Plus, One of the newer entries to the video streaming market, and, amusingly, Wix’s website builder app.

On the side of the games, there happen to be more recognizable names, although some of them happen to actually sound like old news, like magic: the gathering Arena and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Also, it is unbelievable that the MARVEL Future revolution was only launched this year, and also the Pokemon UNITE MOBA.

Too Many Choices

These ten that came from the two categories are more like the cream of the crop, Though, Google did not reveal anything on how these nominees were selected. Now, there are tons of thousands of apps now available on Google Play Store and thousands more outside the Platform.

Currently, there are just too many apps on the Google Play Store, most of which just carry out these same functions. And on the other hand, there are tons of other apps that are either hiding malware or disguising less than innocent behavior.

Google Play’s Mostly automated security systems try to take out apps like that from time to time.

These users’ choice award is one of Google’s means of learning which app is best and safe for use. That’s especially very helpful for categories that do not have winners that are clear or popular on other platforms but have too many options in the Play Store.

In a different scenario, these apps like Google’s Play Pass Subscription works just to make great apps and games more discoverable. On the other hand, they might also just show what Android might just severely need.


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