Google Pixel New Android Update is Packed with Useful Fixes

Google Pixel New Android Update is Packed with Useful Fixes that would interest users. If you have encountered some bugs or annoyances right on your pixel phones, then there is a good chance that they would be getting fixed, as Google’s April update would be rolling out now, and it includes fixes for numerous issues.

Google Pixel New Android Update is Packed with Useful Fixes

Google Pixel New Android Update is Packed with Useful Fixes

According to the changelog, if you happen to own a Pixel 6 or a Pixel 6 pro then you would get an improved wireless charging performance with “certain accessories”, alongside a fix for an issue causing a green screen to pop up in the camera preview, and a fix for the front-facing camera preview appearing zoomed in with certain apps.

All the pixel phones starting from the Pixel 3a onwards would be getting a number of other fixes in this update. These include a fix for a crash in system UI while making use of apps in picture-in-picture mode, a fix for a crash in the system while making use of the apps in Picture-in-picture mode, a fix for an issue that is causing an error message to pop up when getting up certain live wallpapers, and a fix for an issue preventing navigation in the overview screen while talkback remains active.

Wallpaper Issues Fixed

Also, there are fixes for issues causing the notification shade and quick settings to appear invisible after changing the wallpapers, one for the animation displaying incorrectly when canceling a search in the app drawer, and one for the recent app’s buttons navigation with third-party launchers.

It is yet to be stated how widespread any of these issues were, but this update should be very useful for anyone that has been affected. It also includes security fixes, which are worth grabbing even if you are yet to experience any of the problems stated above.

Pixel phones from pixel 3a onwards would be receiving this update but it is being rolled out in phases, so at the moment, it might not be available for your device, but you would receive a notification once it is.

Ridding Pixel 6 of Bugs

Seeing as the Pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro are great phones, they have been beset with bugs ever since their launch. The bugs were so much that tons of blogs wrote about it.

The great news here is that Google has created a solution to get the issue under control. And after tons of updates with this April one being the latest many of the bugs have now been addressed, so the pixel 6 range should now be in a much better state than it once was. Well, we can only hope that this new update does not come with bugs.


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