Google Pixel 6 Pro Powered by RTX 3080 – Setting 120fps Gaming on Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro Powered by RTX 3080. Currently, Pixel 6 Pro users get to stream games at around 120fps when making use of the Nvidia GeForce now RTX 3080 tier.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Powered by RTX 3080

Google Pixel 6 Pro Powered by RTX 3080

GeForce Now is Nvidia’s cloud-based game streaming service, which would enable the subscribers to play high-end PC games on a variety of convenient devices that includes laptops, Apple and Android phones, tablets, and LG TVs.

The 3080 tier was still in the beta but has now been open to everybody. While most of the experience is handled on the cloud, certain functional elements need a phone that would be able to output the resolution and frames-per-second required for the optimal experience.

Luckily for all owners of the Pixel 6, Nvidia’s very one support page, as noticed by 9to5Google, has been updated to show that the phone now offers support to the RTX 3080 tier. But this won’t immediately offer you access to 120hz gaming, though. Instead, you would be required to head into your Pixel 6 Pro settings and finagle a few things.

Setting 120fps Gaming on Google Pixel 6

In other to gain 120fps gaming capabilities on your Pixel 6 Pro, you would be required to follow the steps stated below:

  • Go to settings
  • Head to GeForce Now
  • Then Stream Quality and
  • Frame Rate

Then set it to 120fps.

If you want to make sure that the phone is ready and capable of accepting that frame rate, you would be required if you have set it to a 120hz refresh rate, also. You can do that by heading to settings>display>smooth Display. After that, you would be ready to play games at blisteringly fast frame rates.

Nvidia GeForce Membership Tiers.

Now, GeForce comes in three membership tiers. The free tiers would allow up to about 1-hour sessions and streaming the games from one of Nvidia’s basic gaming rigs. The 49.99 priority Tier offers up to about 6-hour sessions from a premium rig with RTX on and a 1080p/60fps experience. Lastly, the RTX 3080 tier would offer users an 8-hour sessions length from an RTX 3080 rig that is up to 1440p/120fps.

Casual gamers are now certain that they would get out of the GeForce Now premium service, but in other to make the most of your Pixel 6 Pro’s new features, you might want to dish out some extra cash to get the GeForce Now RTX 3080 tier.


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