Google Is Set To Force G Suite Free Loaders to Subscribe

Google is set to force G Suite free loaders to subscribe and many businesses are not happy about this development.

Google Is Set To Force G Suite Free Loaders to Subscribe

Google Is Set To Force G Suite Free Loaders to Subscribe

Tech giants, Google, is set to withdraw user access to the free edition of G suite legacy. Many businesses have openly hit back at the supposed plan of Google to close off the free version of its legacy g suite product.

According to reports by the New York Times, various business owners are not really pleased with the decision as expected with the company’s decision to gear them toward the paid version of Google’s workspace packages which of course starts at $6 per every user every month.

The main source of frustration for business owners is the way Google has made the decision and the shift – giving businesses that are already cash-strapped a short period of time in making a decision on whether to stick to the program or make a twist.

Businesses Will Have To Say Goodbye to G Suite

Back in January this year, Google first made the announcement that it would take away free access to its productivity and collaboration software for all legacy G Suite customers and the backlash that immediately followed was expected.

Google however allowed users who were running old G Suite accounts for personal reasons and purposes to continue with the service for free of charge but did not extend the same benefits to businesses.

Deadline for Businesses to Shift to A Paid Google Workspace Plan

The original deadline date was set for May 1, but Google however has pushed back the date and will now direct businesses to a paid Google workspace subscription on the 27th of June automatically. Users and businesses that refuse to pay the stipulated subscription fee will have their accounts suspended on the 1st of august.

The reason for this move by Google is to bring more value off the products it already provides services for amid the rising hardware and energy costs that are associated with running the large-scale data centers in which the services are built and operated. This is a sensible objective looking at it from an economic perspective.

What Businesses Had To Say about the Move by Google

Of course, many businesses were not happy about this and they clearly had a lot to say. Many businesses claimed that Google lured them into making use of the product with free services on which they are now dependent and has also failed to put into account the financial pressures that they face in the current economic climate.

One business owner said ‘It struck me as needlessly petty. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who received something for free for a long time and now is being told that they need to pay for it, but there was a promise made. That’s what compelled me to make the decision to go with Google.’

Another business owner added ‘It was less about the amount they’re charging and more about the fact they changed the rules. They could change the rules again at any time.’

Google’s Official Press Release

Google has insisted that it remains committed to meeting up with the needs of its customers and then gestured toward the one-year discounts that are available to businesses that are forced to make the shift.

A spokesperson, Katie Wattie said ‘We’re here to help our customers with this transition, including deep discounts on Google Workspace subscriptions. Moving to a Google Workspace subscription can be done in a few clicks.’


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