Google Gives Out $1600 Bonus to Its Employees All Over the Globe

Google gives out $1600 bonus to its employees all over the globe, says a report. It is reported that the members of Google’s extended workforce and interns at the company are also eligible for the cash bonus as cited by reports from Reuters.

Google Gives Out $1600 Bonus to Its Employees All Over the Globe

Google Gives Out $1600 Bonus to Its Employees All Over the Globe

According to a report published on Thursday, the search engine giants are making plans to give out an additional cash bonus of $1600 or its equivalent to its employees all over the world. The cash incentive will be more like a support mechanism for its global workforce in the still ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.

Who Is Eligible For the Cash Bonus

All employees in the company including the members of the company’s extended workforce are eligible for the bonus. And according to reports, the cash bonus is expected to be distributed within the year.

The news of the cash bonus is coming at a time where the search giants company only recently delayed its return to office plans indefinitely over concerns of the new omicron COVID variant as well as Google’s mandated vaccinations.

The Previous Return Date to Office for Workers

Before the change was made last week, the company’s workers were set for a return date of January 10th, 2022 to office. The cash bonus is the latest organized support mechanism offered by Google to its employees. This is also an addition to the company’s work from home allowance and wellbeing bonus, says the report.

Other Big Tech Companies with Support Measures For Their Staffs and Employees

With the coronavirus pandemic still on the rampage, many big tech companies, as well as many other corporations, have brought in support measures and mechanisms in a bid to promote the wellbeing of employees amid the year’s long pandemic.

Early this year big tech companies like Microsoft and amazon brought in measures and incentives to help and assist their employees and their families during the pandemic. Microsoft planned to share a cash bonus of $1500 pandemic bonus to its workers while amazon on the other hand added a new mental health scheme and benefit for all its US employees and also their families.


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