Google Drive Security Update: Google’s Security Changes Will Break Old Drive

Google Drive Security Update might just break links to files being shared. Although Google Drive is recognized as a Hard Drive in the Cloud, Cloud storage quickly became one way for people to share files. Unlike physical storage, there is a greater need for file security with files stored and shared straight from the cloud.

Google Drive Security Update

It is because of that, Google decided to introduce an update to Google Drive that fundamentally changes the way file-sharing link works. Unfortunately, that change might just cause a lot of public links to get broken unless the owners decided to update those.

Google Drive Security Update

Google does not go into a lot of technical details on what the security update would be entirely about. It simply talks about adding resource key sharing links, a common practice that has been implemented by a lot of files or even video sharing services. The two administrators and end-users would be required to do some work if they want to make sure their links are usable.

To be clearer, all those who have already viewed the file straight from the link do not need to do anything. And would not need the resource key to be able to access the file right after the update begins. Those that have not done it would require that key, though, and it will at the end be up to Google Drive owners to make sure that they have offered the right, new links for files.

Google Workspace and G Suite

Google Workspace and G Suite admins would be required to decide before July 23 how their organization would help implement the security update. End users, along with those that have personal Google Drive Accounts, would receive notifications beginning on the 26 of July informing them of files that have been affected.

Depending on what the situation is, they might be able to take out a security update, which means that old, unsecured links would continue working. This would be of course at the risk of the owners.

Google Drive New Security Policy

The new security policies would take effect starting from September 13. And Admins or users that have changed theirs would remain in place till after that date. This change would affect all users of Google Drive, even all those with personal accounts, so those with important public sharing links would want you to take note of the email that they would receive in the coming months.


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