Google Career Certificates – Google Career Certificates Duration and Price

Google career certificates serve as an entry into an IT career. This certificate program that was developed by Google and offered to individuals via Coursera, does not need any prior experience or Knowledge of IT. the program was designed to help learners acquire the skills that they required for an entry-level IT role.

Google Career Certificates

Now we are in a tech-driven era and most of us require digital skills. The thing is, acquiring the skill might require you to pay a lot. But Google Career Certificates do not come at an eye-watering price. The collection of courses put together by google can help learn job-ready skills to start or advance their career in fields of high-demand.

Google Career Certificates Duration and Price

This entirely developed by Google programme take approximately six months to complete and no prior experience or degree is required. This would make things a lot easier for anyone to pivot their career into much higher-growth job fields.

The course would be hosted on Coursera and it cost a mere US$49 per month to access. The monthly fees grant users access to resources that can assist with job search and interview preparation. It is worth noting that the cost of each of the courses varies on how low it would take the learners to finish the course. The course would be carried out online at one’s own pace. Grants and scholarships would be made available to students.

Benefits of Google Career Certificates

Google career certificates help candidates connect with top national employers that are looking forward to hires for related roles. It also helps people qualify for jobs across the field with a median average annual salary of over US$50,000.

Learners can choose to share their Google career certificate on their LinkedIn Profile and on their printed resumes, CVs, and other documents to stand out to all their employers. In addition to this, learners would also be granted access to resources in other to facilitate their preparation and job search.

Courses Offered by Google Career Certificates

Data Analyst

Data analysts use data to aid in informing important business decisions. They prepare, process, and analyze data for key insights, and further share their findings with stakeholders and make provision for a data-driven recommendation for effective action. The information students acquire would help them navigate the data lifecycle by making use of tools and platforms in other to process, analyze, visualize and gain insights from that data.

Project Manager

A Project manager is a planner and the overseer of a project. They ensure that they are completed efficiently with maximum quality and with added value to the business. This course focuses on the foundation of traditional project management while granting insights into agile project management.

UX Designer

User experience (UX) designers make technology a lot easier and much more enjoyable to use. They create or refine products and interfaces in other to make them usable, useful, and accessible to all users. This certificate educates learners on the basics of UX design and research, building low-fidelity designs and wireframes, testing, and creating high-fidelity prototypes.

Android developer

An Android developer is a software developer that is based on designing applications meant for the android marketplace. The programme would give them a better understanding to begin their career and join the market.

IT Specialist

Information technology professionals monitor the computer systems, assess and troubleshoot errors and lag, and update and upgrade the systems of a company.

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