Canva for Students: Ways to Take your Lessons to the Next Level with Canva

Did you know there is Canva for Students? I guess you will be thinking about what they need it for. Well, let me burst your bubble if you make use of canvas in the educational sector you will find out it will be the only design platform your classroom will ever need.

Canva for Students

Pass on creative and collaborative skills that’ll last a lifetime with our intuitive drag-and-drop tool that makes visual learning and communication easy and fun. Plus, it’s available for free to all K-12 teachers and their students.

From brainstorms and worksheets to presentations and posters – your whole class can design anything, with any ingredient, together. As a go-to platform for project-based learning, you can create assignments that reflect the challenges your students will face in the real world. Canva is also optimized for Chromebook and fully functional cross-platform.

Canva for Students

So let me officially congratulate you if you are willing to use the Canvas for students. Canva is the world’s easiest design tool that allows you to design anything and publish anywhere. And Learn is your one-stop destination for the latest inspiration on design, marketing, business, and education.

On this page, you’ll have access to resources and inspiration for the classroom. Although we often associate learning with the hallowed halls of school buildings, transformative education is more of a headspace than a place.

Education can happen anywhere; in the classroom or the cul de sac behind your home and with the increase of remote learning services, it’s become clearer than ever that where you learn matters less than how you’re learning.

About Canva for Education

Canva for Education is the learning-based extension of Canva, where interactive, immersive teaching and learning can take place virtually.

In times when gathering students in a classroom isn’t possible or remote learning has become preferable, Canva for Education can help facilitate a learning environment that mimics the educational continuity, access, and structure that makes traditional schools so important.

In short: It’s a way of continuing your classes and lessons online, without having slow, clunky technology getting in the way.

Ways to Take Your Lessons to the Next Level with Canva

Below are the steps you need to follow to take your lessons to the next level with Canva;

  • First off practice thinking design; you can transform the world when you approach it with the goal of imagining and creating solutions,” write the creators of Design Thinking for Educators.
  • Secondly, design your own lesson plan
  • Learn to research other educators’ lessons plan; one of the most powerful uses of Canva for Education is Lesson Plan creation. Whether you’re brainstorming teaching ideas, outlining a lesson plan, composing an instructional text, creating lecture slides, designing visual aids, or simply experimenting with different ways to present concepts Canva makes it easy to visualize and create effective lessons.
  • Help students to create learning portfolios; Interested in discovering what’s already out there? Need inspiration from someone who has covered your topic before? Canva makes it easy to collaborate with other educators, and for educators to share their lesson plans with the rest of the community.
  • Create lectures slides and presentations
  • Build a brand for your classroom
  • Ask students to create learning plans
  • Make Group Projects More Appealing
  • Quantify Information with Charts and Graphs
  • Create Worksheets and You can get more details on how to take your lessons to the next level with Canva by simply clicking here.

Canva’s platform is extremely intuitive to use and easy to teach for any digital literacy level. The ease of the platform really comes into its own when it comes to classroom collaboration: also compatible with Google Classroom, it gives teachers and their students a central hub for their tasks and assignments. You can get more details about Canva for students here.

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