Google Announce AI Search Update: One of the Biggest Google Updates

“Google Announce AI Search Update”. Google has announced a recent change that will impact what sites Google ranks in search results. Some changes may impact 10% of searches, while others will impact 7%. The change to how BERT is used impacts is nearly 100% of searches whereas last year it only impacted 10% of searches.

Some of the recent updates will be available by the end of the year 2020. Others are already available in the search results. Most of the algorithm improvements as announced will likely create more diversity in the search results. Which in my opinion is going to make it several degrees harder for Google SEO ranking.

Google Announce AI Search Update

Google Announce AI Search Update

Google BERT now is almost 100%. One of the biggest Google updated reveals is that Google is employing BERT in virtually in every search query.

BERT is the technique for natural language processing pre-training which helps Google to understand words. Words within the context of the related words. Google said that BERT aids Google Search to have a better understanding of the intent of the search query.

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New Spelling Algorithm (Google Announce AI Search Update)

Google also made an announcement on a spelling algorithm that aids Google to have a better understanding of misspelled words. Google concluded that this algorithm is the biggest improvement to spelling after five years now.

What makes the spelling algorithm of interest is that it helps Google understand the context of misspelled words.

Passages Indexed

Passage Indexed is an important change (Google Announce AI Search Update) that may bring change to the most visible impact on Google Search Results Pages (SERPs). Google of recent is now indexing passages in a web page, and not just the web page itself.

Importantly, passages from a web page can be operated on as web pages itself when returning a search query. According to Google; this will impact 7% of search queries.


This is another area that may likely impact how search queries for wide and general search phrases are ranked. These wide search queries, like “home exercise equipment” can bring different meanings to different people.

Meaning Subtopic Ranking is going to make it harder to rank for high traffic broad keyword phrases.

But this will benefit businesses and organizations that optimize for specific subtopics and won’t have had a chance to rank for the higher traffic subtopic.

Therefore, if you’re competing for a wide topic, then you may want to ensure your subtopic pages are carefully optimized.

10% of Searches Will Be Affected by Video Change

This recent update will affect 10% of Google searches. This represents an essential change to SEO that signifies the importance of adding a video to the mix of content types that publishers make.

This change is almost the same as the pages algorithm as described above, and it is only applied to videos. The new technique uses AI to understand different pages within the videos.

Other than ranking an entire video that is about a particular topic, Google will analyze videos, then assign a tag to each section to provide a description of what it is about and finally sends searchers directly to those sections of a video.

It is going to impact the SERPs and maybe video production, and also plans to make sure the videos are understood easily section by section.

Data Sets in Search

This feature may impact sites that depend on ranking for statistical information, and also sites that do sell statistical reports. This change excludes web pages and displays the statistic directly in the search result as answers to a question.

It is a type of a zero-click search result but also offers the ability to locate, discover, and research topics in more depth.

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