iOS Users Can Now Set Gmail as Their Default Email App

This is true that iOS Users Can Now Set Gmail as Their Default Email App. It has only taken about a decade, but iPhone and iPad users finally can activate the Gmail as their default email app for their devices. Google has enabled this feature in the latest version update to the Gmail app, hereby taking advantage of iOS 14’s adjusted grip on email and browser defaults.

Over the years since the history of iOS, Gmail has been made available on iOS devices. And this makes it considerably more convenient and comfortable for some users. If you tap on any link sent on an email either on the app or website, it should redirect you to Google’s software instead of Apple’s. You are not required to copy and paste an address on a web browser.

iOS Users Can Now Set Gmail as Their Default Email App

iOS Users Can Now Set Gmail as Their Default Email App

It has been from the beginning that Android mobile devices already had the option of a default email app.  But with the latest updates on iOS devices, Apple is trying to join in another experienced app for user’s comfortability.

“It’s very easy to activate the Gmail app as default email app on your iPhone”, according to Google. All you need to do is to tap on Settings > Gmail > tap Default Mail App > and tap Gmail again.

This has been ultimately good news for Gmail familiar users who have switch mobile to the iOS mobile.

Before getting to know the Mail on iOS devices, mobile users are already familiar with the Gmail environment and displays. Mail on iOS can be complex and difficult for most users. Though Mail on iOS can be connected to your iOS device’s Contacts, Calendar, and Notes accounts.

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Differences Between the iOS Mail and Gmail App

There are lots of reasons why iOS users should consider using Gmail for a better experience with the default iOS Mail app. Below are some of the differences between both applications:

  • Mail does not categorize messages according to Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. While Gmail helps users automatically arrange messages that come in different categories.
  • It is easier to locate old messages on the Gmail application more than the iOS default Mail app. You will have to scroll till you see the message you are searching for on the Mail app. Though you can also search for sentences on both.
  • Messages considered to be scam or bot messages are stored as SPAM on Gmail, while JUNK on Mail.
  • Mail gives a specific total number of all your messages while Gmail indicates the number with a sign (99+).
  • Users can schedule messages to be sent on Gmail while iOS default Mail doesn’t have that feature.
  • Gmail has a label feature to keep in touch with important messages sent while Mail doesn’t.

There are more differences to each, but I will be considering using the Gmail app since it got more features than the iOS default Mail app.

How to Make Gmail Default Mail App

Here are the steps on how you can activate and enable the Gmail app has your iOS default mail app:

  • Turn on your iOS mobile device.
  • Search and tap on the Settings app from the homepage.
  • Scroll down to the list of apps and tap on Gmail.
  • Make sure you have already downloaded the Gmail app and signed in to your Gmail account already.
  • Below the “ALLOW GMAIL TO ACCESS” section, tap on the “Default Mail App” option.
  • Tap on Gmail.
  • Exit from the Settings.

After you have completed these above steps, then the Gmail app will automatically be switched as your default Gmail app. Now all your mails will be sent to it as usual. And instead of been notified by the Mail on iOS, you get notified by the Gmail app.

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