The Best Android 11 Features You Need to Use Right Away

There are lots of the latest Android 11 Features you need to use right away. Android 11 version has been released to mobile android phone. Google has released it’s Android 11 in early September and other brands during the months. In this article today, I will be drafting out some amazing features you can get from the Android 11 version.

Android 11 Features You Need to Use Right Away

Android 11 Features You Need to Use Right Away

On this latest operating system, users will find big differences and features to which will make your mobile more comfortable and easier to access. Some of the new features include a new Bubble chat feature that provides easy access to keep messaging from any app. There is also a quick new quick control page for accessing smart home devices with just a swipe. A new screen recording tool for grabbing the activates operated on your mobile in a video format. There are to share about this latest update and below I will be listing some special features that would interest android mobile users.

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Some Features of Android 11

  • Quick Control tool: After installing the Android 11 version on your mobile if supported, you should try out an easy step of long-pressing the power button on your phone. This will display to users a quick control screen. On the Google pixel mobile, the screen gives users power control options, with other provided shortcuts to apps.
  • Google Assistant can wait on hold for you: On the Android 11, Google has added a new feature to its assistant, called the “Hold For Me”. Google Assistant’s new feature displays a prompt on the user’s screen notifying them that they can go about doing any other activities after putting on a call, and your mobile will notify you when the call is being answered. For this feature to work, you will have to activate the vibration option, or a sound turned off option.
  • New message notification gets the limelight: There will be a dedicated conversation section on the notification bar for alerts from all messaging apps like Google messages, etc. it makes it easier to find alerts you likely care about.
  • Fancier music controls: There is a new playback control that no longer appears as a pending notification. Instead, a small box appears with a quick setting panel. Through this, you can skip, go back, play, pause, and switch the device the music is playing from the new control box. Immediately after your music is turned on, the new media control will appear.
  • Built-in screen recorder: We all already know the screenshot feature which has been a way of achieving a photo from your phone. What about achieving a video? The Android 11 version comes with a screen record tool in the quick setting panel. Using this to save a video or whatever activity you are operating on and want it saved as a video. The video will be saved to your camera roll from where you can edit and also share the recording.

How to Install Android 11

Firstly, you are to check if your device can be upgraded to the Android 11 version. It is easy to check and install the Android 11 upgrade. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings on your Android mobile device.
  • Scroll down and tap on System.
  • Tap on Advanced, then System Update.
  • Check if there is a request for update download and installation.
  • Tap on download update.
  • After it has been downloaded, tap on Install.

Your mobile phone will turn off during the process of installing the update. And after a while, it will turn on automatically, with a notification “Your phone has been updated”.

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