Google and Taito Are Reportedly Developing a Game

Google and Taito are reportedly developing a game, an AR Space Invaders game to be precise. You should also know that the AR features are powered by tools from Google according to the reports.

Google and Taito Developing a Game

Google and Taito Developing a Game

Both Google and Taito are entering a partnership on a new augmented reality version of the arcade classic Space Invaders. The new game in question, Space Invaders: World Defense, will make use of Google tools such as ARCore and the newly-announced Geospatial Creator to allow AR Space Invaders aliens to fly around real-world locations.

And based on a GIF in a tweet from Google, it simply appears that you will be playing the game kind of like a shooting gallery. And in the shared GIF in question, a handful of aliens appear near and around a static city image, and then a reticle then appears so that the player can then blast the aliens straight out of the sky. I personally get the sense that this footage might not be fully representative of the complete and final game, though — it however kind of looks like the aliens have just been animated over a stock photo.

Google and Taito Releases a Promotional Video for the Game

Google and Taito also released a promotional video for the game. But the promotional video released however does not appear to show anyone that is actually fending off aliens in regards to World Defense. The website of the game is really annoyingly bare. It just includes the promo video and a description of the game of what users should expect:

“For the last 45 years, SPACE INVADERS have tried to conquer the world. They are back and this time coming from another dimension. As one of Earth’s top pilots, you must use your spaceship’s advanced technology and your expert skills to travel between dimensions and defend the planet. The future of the Earth is in your hands! This unique, immersive game is powered by ARCore and Google’s Geospatial Creator to create a real-world playground in AR and 3D. Enjoy the classic gameplay in a whole new dimension: explore, find, and defeat SPACE INVADERS in your neighborhood!”

Release Date of the Game

And really confusing, the website of the World Defense shows a screenshot of a ship that is taking on aliens in the wireframe trench, so just maybe that will be an element of the game also when it gets to be finalized.

According to the description of the promo video, the game is set for a summer release date. And hopefully, the game gets to fare better than many other AR games.

What is AR Gaming

Augmented reality gaming or AR gaming as it is popularly known is the real-time integration of virtual game elements as well as with the physical environment of the player in question. AR and VR games are quite different although they hold a bunch of similarities between them. AR makes use of a real-world setting while VR on the other hand is completely virtual.

AR users can easily control their presence in the real world, while VR users on the other hand are controlled by the system. VR also requires a headset device, but AR on the other hand can easily be accessed with a smartphone.



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