The Global Youth Convention goes beyond being a conference; it’s a movement that annually unites students, volunteers, professionals, and SDG activists worldwide. Our mission involves offering a platform for global youth to exchange ideas, share experiences, and collectively create innovative solutions to address global challenges.



GYC attendees will engage in leadership workshops and sessions to enhance their leadership skills, promoting personal and professional growth. They will also gain insights into effective leadership strategies that can advance their careers and contribute to positive organizational change.

Understanding Sustainable Practices

Participants will investigate sustainable models and practices applicable to their professions, aligning personal success with environmental and social responsibility. They will acquire practical knowledge on integrating sustainability into professional endeavors for long-term prosperity.

Improving Civic Engagement and Influencing Policymaking

GYC will boost participants’ capacity to make a positive impact in their communities by improving their civic engagement skills. This enhancement enables them to contribute to social initiatives while gaining a nuanced understanding of global policymaking. They can actively engage with policymakers to advocate for sustainable policies aligning with their professional interests.

Gaining Access to Funding Opportunities

Delegates will find opportunities for collaborative partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering synergies to amplify the impact of their social entrepreneurship initiatives. GYC serves as a platform to explore investment opportunities by connecting with impact investors, philanthropists, and organizations supporting socially conscious initiatives.

Opportunities for Collaboration Across Sectors

They can participate in discussions across disciplines and work together on projects, promoting a comprehensive problem-solving approach. GYC offers a unique environment for them to connect, share ideas, and discover innovative solutions that go beyond traditional professional boundaries, enhancing both their career and personal perspectives.

Guide and Mentor Individuals in Their Careers

Connect with experienced mentors and industry experts to receive personalized advice on navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in your specific professional domains for career development.

What are You Going to Learn?

At the Global Youth Convention 2024, participants will engage in workshops and interactive sessions for a comprehensive learning experience. They’ll gain a deep understanding of the UN’s SDGs, explore innovative solutions for global challenges, and be equipped with knowledge and tools to actively participate in civic life. GYC aims to empower individuals to develop impactful initiatives within their communities, focusing on leadership development. Participants will hone their skills, gain insights into effective leadership styles, and learn how to inspire and motivate others toward shared goals. GYC offers a unique opportunity to explore global policymaking complexities, enabling participants to contribute to shaping policies for sustainable development. The convention cultivates cross-cultural collaboration, effective communication, and the establishment of a global network, fostering a community of passionate individuals committed to creating positive change.


Cape Town, South Africa


March 09-12, 2024

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