Youth In Development Fellowship 2022

The Youth In Development Fellowship 2022 aims to provide emerging civic leaders and social entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to lead social change initiatives effectively. The alumni of this program have gone ahead to create viable and highly impactful social ventures and lead programs that are transforming their communities’ social and economic landscapes.

Youth In Development Fellowship 2022

Youth In Development Fellows engage in a transformative learning experience, where they show their leadership skills and lead sustainable social change.

These young leaders involved in these opportunities have the unique opportunity to learn directly from social change leaders with exceptional and formidable track records and academics worldwide.  Participants automatically become a part of the Impact Toolbox formidable network of social change leaders.

Youth In Development Fellowship 2022

The participants will enjoy complimentary access to various online courses, exclusive mentorship and one-on-one coaching sessions, connection to peer collaborators from other parts of the world, the opportunity to pitch for some small amount of seed funding and exclusive networking opportunities with funders and investors.

The third cohort of the this Boot Camp and Fellowship is open to young African leaders involved in community development and achieving socio-economic development across different communities in Africa. We have designed our recruitment process to deliver value to every single applicant.


The Youth In Development fellowship application and selection process is designed to ensure that you derive substantial benefits even by going through the application process only. Selected fellows will have access to:

  • An Investment Pitch Lab to Position your Venture for Investments & Grant Funding.
  • A Mentorship Series and Peer collaboration with student entrepreneurs from top universities across North America.
  • A one-on-one coaching and interactions session with top business experts and exceptional social entrepreneurs from across the world
  • Critical feedback, support, and collaborations from peers through our growing networks of exceptional social entrepreneurs and program alumni.
  • An opportunity to apply for Impact Toolbox Prototype Fund & Connections to other funding opportunities.
  • The Youth In Development Fellowship serves as a pipeline for other prestigious professional development and investment opportunities.


Applicants who wish to be successfully selected must have the following:

  • Demonstrated interest in civic leadership and career in the social sector
  • Have an idea or initiative for social change
  • Be between the ages of 18-30 on or before the application deadline
  • Be a citizen of an African country and must reside and work on the continent
  • Be proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English
  • Be available to complete all the weekly activities included in the six months duration of the fellowship.

Applications must be submitted on or before December 8, 2021


Stage One: Application Submission & Review:

All applicants are invited to submit applications. All successful applicants will be selected to progress to the next step on merit based on their passion and demonstrated interest in civic leadership and social entrepreneurship.

Stage Two: Social Entrepreneurship & Strategy Course:

The applicants selected to progress to stage two will participate in strategic planning and social entrepreneurship course. During the course, you will develop and submit your own theory of change, strategic plan and business model. You will receive a certificate of course completion and invitation to progress to the third phase based on the quality of your submissions.

Stage Three: 3-Day Venture Creation Boot Camp:

We will invite the applicants that progress to the third stage to attend a three-day boot camp hosted onsite or online by our local partners and community ambassadors. During this boot camp, you will learn about leadership, business planning, customer discovery and achieving product-market fit.

After the boot camp, you will be required to submit a venture business model and a sketch of your MVP. You will be given a certificate, and successful participants will become Fellows.

Stage Four: Finalist Announcement & 6-Month Fellowship:

All YID Fellows will be announced, profiled on our websites and celebrated globally. They will be invited to participate in our intensive six-month fellowship, including training on grant writing, monitoring and evaluation, financial modelling, storytelling and marketing, positioning for investments, policy advocacy & political participation. The new Fellows will also enjoy all the highlighted fellowship benefits.

Click the link below to apply.


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