Global Good Fund Fellowship Program 2024

Do you want to become a Global Good Fund Fellow? Here’s an amazing opportunity to build your leadership and Entrepreneurial skills through the Global Good Fund Fellowship Program 2024. The Global Good Fund aims to create a better world by making an investment in frontier Entrepreneurs working fervently to tackle global most pressing challenges.

Global Good Fund Fellowship Program
Global Good Fund Fellowship Program

The Fellowship is thus designed specifically for innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of various organizations (non-profit and profit-oriented). This post will explore every detail about the Global Good Fund fellowship including its Eligibility Criteria, benefits, and how you can apply to participate. Read on!

Global Good Fund Fellowship

The Global Fund fellowship Program provides a platform to bring together young leaders and entrepreneurs with diverse ethnic, religious, economic, geographic, and gender experiences. However, prospective entrepreneurs must demonstrate dedication toward their personal development.

Ideal entrepreneurs must be current holders of a full-time leadership position at their social enterprise which is expected to have operational for two to five years.

Global Fund fellowship Program is highly competitive Hence, the application process is selective, inclusive, constructive, and engaging. Interested Candidates should apply now as applications for the 2024 Fellowship is now open.

Who’s Eligible to Apply?

Eligible to apply for the Global Good Fund Fellowship Program 2024 includes leaders who are growing their enterprise and are looking to build their leadership capacity in line with Organization’s needs.

Also Eligible to apply include Leaders who show readiness to be mentored and possess a growth mindset

Leaders who are excited about personalized mentorship that will drive their business and teams to success should be fully committed to the 12-month hybrid program.

How to Apply for the Global Good Fund Program 2023?

The Global Good Fund Program conducts the application process in multiple stages. To commence the application, go to the official website on:

  • Phase 1. For Preliminary Questionnaire between May – June. This takes up to 30min to complete
  • Phase 2. Comprehensive Application from July – August
  • Phase 3. Interview from October – November. This includes a 30-minute video interview


Below are requirements to be fulfilled:

  • The Candidate’s venture/enterprise must have been in operation for a minimum of two years and
  • Currently employs at least two full-time, paid employees
  • The ideal candidate’s role in the enterprise should be: CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, etc., Co-Founder/ Founder & C-Suite, Executive Director
  • He or she must fully commit their time to the operations of the enterprise.

  • The enterprise must be mission-driven, that is, not for profit but with a positive impact on society
  • The enterprise should have a scope of work that is either international, domestic or both
  • They must have developed a business model and positioned themselves for long-term scalability.

Application Deadline

June 30, 2023.



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