Best Online Business Schools for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has become a popular career path for those seeking to innovate, create opportunities, and make a difference in today’s ever-changing business world. In this article, we will discuss the Best Online Business Schools for Entrepreneurship in 2023.

Best Online Business Schools for Entrepreneurship
Best Online Business Schools for Entrepreneurship

Best Online Business Schools for Entrepreneurship

While traditional business schools have been the traditional choice for aspiring entrepreneurs, online business schools offer a flexible and convenient alternative, delivering high-quality education customized to the needs of future business leaders.

What Is an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

Individuals working in all economic sectors benefit from an MBA in entrepreneurship. MBA in entrepreneurship graduates can advance to chief executive positions, which are expected to grow at a 6% annual rate between 2018 and 2028.

Entrepreneurship enables innovators to go out on their own. It also teaches freelancers, travelers, and job seekers how to create their own flexible, fulfilling careers.

What Does a Typical Online Entrepreneurship Business School Offer?

A typical online entrepreneurship business school offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of entrepreneurship. Here are some key topics that you can expect to learn in such a program:

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Online business schools emphasize developing the right mindset for entrepreneurship. This includes fostering creativity, embracing risk-taking, and cultivating resilience to overcome challenges.

Business Planning and Strategy

You will learn how to develop a business plan, create a strategic vision, and identify opportunities in the market. This includes conducting market research, analyzing competition, and formulating effective strategies for business growth.

Financial Management

Understanding financial concepts and managing finances is crucial for entrepreneurial success. Online programs teach you how to create financial projections, manage cash flow, raise capital, and make informed financial decisions.

Marketing and Sales

Effective marketing and sales strategies are vital for attracting customers and growing a business. You will learn about market segmentation, branding, digital marketing, customer acquisition, and sales techniques to promote your products or services.

Innovation and Product Development

Online entrepreneurship programs emphasize the importance of innovation in creating unique offerings. You will explore techniques for generating and evaluating new ideas, developing prototypes, and launching innovative products or services.

Leadership and Team Building

Building and leading a team is essential for entrepreneurial ventures. Online business schools provide insights into effective leadership styles, team dynamics, communication skills, and conflict resolution strategies.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Entrepreneurs need to navigate legal and ethical issues related to their business. Online programs cover topics such as intellectual property rights, contracts, legal compliance, and ethical decision-making.

Networking and Mentoring

Building a strong network and seeking guidance from mentors can significantly contribute to entrepreneurial success. Online business schools often provide networking opportunities, connect you with industry professionals, and offer mentorship programs to help you establish valuable connections and receive guidance from experienced entrepreneurs.

Scaling and Growth Strategies

Once your business starts gaining traction, scaling becomes a critical objective. Online entrepreneurship programs teach you about scaling strategies, operational efficiency, managing growth, and entering new markets.

Entrepreneurial Case Studies

Learning from real-life examples and case studies of successful entrepreneurs provides valuable insights. Online programs often include case studies and practical assignments to enhance your problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Top Online Business Schools for Entrepreneurship

Here are some of the top online entrepreneurship businesses you can find in 2023:

Columbia College

Columbia College, formerly known as Christian Female College, was established in 1851. Located in Columbia, Missouri, the college provides a variety of online degree options, including a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship, both offered through the Business Administration Program.

To earn their Entrepreneurship degree, students are required to complete a well-rounded selection of general education and business courses, totaling a minimum of 120 semester hours.

To fulfill the program’s core requirements, students need to achieve a grade of C or higher in courses such as small business finance, introduction to Entrepreneurship, human resource management, and new venture creation.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to choose from a range of elective courses. These electives cover subjects like retail management strategies, advertising and sales promotion, and E-marketing.

Lamar University

Lamar University, located in Beaumont, Texas, has a student population of over 15,000. The university offers a wide range of programs with more than 100 options for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

One of the online degree programs available is the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. This program can be completed in as little as 48 months, totaling 120 credit hours. It consists of 48 core courses, 27 lower-level electives, and 45 advanced electives.

The program focuses on developing students’ business skills in areas such as accounting, finance, management, and analysis. Alongside these skills, students also learn effective communication strategies and essential techniques for creating valuable products, services, and business models. The program also provides training in critical areas of business technology, including data analysis and SAP.

Lamar University’s College of Business holds the prestigious AACSB accreditation (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), which is recognized worldwide as a symbol of excellence in business education.

University of Maine

The University of Maine at Machias, located in the village of Machias in Washington County, offers fully online degrees. One of these programs is the Bachelor of Science in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies. To complete this degree, students must fulfill 27 credit hours of foundation courses covering subjects like business, marketing, accounting, economics, and statistics.

Additionally, students are required to complete 33 credit hours of upper-level courses, with the option to specialize in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. The curriculum of this program is designed to instill an entrepreneurial mindset and inspire innovation.

Through this degree program, students acquire professional skills and develop their entrepreneurial abilities. The goal is to prepare them to become successful entrepreneurs who are skilled at taking calculated risks and adept at solving persistent problems.

Northwood University

If you aspire to start your own business, earning a degree in entrepreneurship can make that dream possible. The University of Northwood, located in Midland, Michigan, offers a bachelor of business administration program with a specialization in entrepreneurship.

This online degree program requires a total of 126 semester hours and provides a comprehensive curriculum to equip students with the essential skills needed to succeed as entrepreneurs.

The program covers various managerial practices related to successful entrepreneurship, business models, entrepreneurial marketing, new venture finance, entrepreneurial leadership, and more. These courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape and build thriving ventures.

UMass Global

Chapman University established UMass Global in Orange, California, with the primary objective of providing high-quality education to the El Toto Marine Corps Air Station. Since then, the university, now known as Brandman, has expanded its programs to cater to a diverse and extensive student population.

Brandman University offers a variety of programs that can be pursued on-campus, online, or through a hybrid approach. Among the online offerings is the BBA in Entrepreneurship. This program is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to initiate and manage their own businesses. Through this online degree program, students learn how to develop business plans, effectively compete in the market, employ operational strategies, understand the fundamentals of financing small businesses, and much more.

To earn the degree, students are required to complete a minimum of 120 semester units, which includes a combination of general education courses and program-specific requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Entrepreneurship MBA School

Before applying to any of the colleges In your list, consider the following factors:

Available support

Having a mentor can be beneficial during your entrepreneurial journey. Making sure that the staff, courses, and opportunities available through a school’s entrepreneurial studies program align with your needs can make or break your success.

Geographic location

While it may not seem important to consider location when looking for online college programs, a school may require you to come to campus on occasion. Investigating these requirements can help to avoid surprises later on.


Making a budget can help you understand which schools are within your price range. Online programs are generally less expensive than traditional in-person options, though costs vary by school.

Program format

If you learn best through discussion, you should look for online programs that offer synchronous courses, which are scheduled virtual classes that take place in real time. If you are short on time, consider programs that provide asynchronous classes, which consist of pre-recorded lectures that you can access at your own pace.

Why Should You Get an Online MBA in Entrepreneurship?

Top online MBAs in entrepreneurship offer convenient and flexible coursework that helps build managerial and critical thinking skills. These programs cater to working professionals who aspire to start their own businesses while maintaining their current positions.

The evolving gig economy and the thriving startup culture in technology and related industries create ample opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurial ventures. An MBA in entrepreneurship equips professionals with essential skills such as developing business plans, designing budgets, and effectively communicating with investors and collaborators.

Moreover, entrepreneurship MBAs contribute to organizational growth by training employees to coordinate across departments, manage finances, and assume leadership roles. With an MBA degree, professionals in entry-level positions, such as marketers, financial experts, and sales workers, can transition into managerial positions.

In terms of salary potential, purchasing agents with bachelor’s degrees earned a median annual wage of $67,600 in 2018, while sales managers holding MBAs enjoyed a median annual salary exceeding $124,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Degree Is Best for Entrepreneurship?

A business degree educates students on the organizational, operational, and managerial responsibilities of businesses and industries. Students pursuing a business degree will also develop leadership, communication, and critical-thinking skills, which will be useful in a position of entrepreneurship.

Which Business School Has Most Entrepreneurs?

Stanford MBAs is known for their entrepreneurial spirit: the school reports that 18% of the MBA class of 2021 started their own businesses. MBA students can enroll in the school’s one-of-a-kind “Startup Garage,” a project-based course in which teams develop, prototype, and test a business idea.

What Is the Easiest Business School To Get Into?

Some of the top business schools to get into are:

  • Clarkson University Reh School of Business
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology School of Business
  • University of Buffalo SUNY School of Management

What Is the Difference Between a Business and Entrepreneurship Degree?

Consider entrepreneur degree programs to be more specialized subsets of business degrees. A bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship includes many of the same courses as a business degree. However, an entrepreneurship program places a strong emphasis on business development and growth.

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