Getty Foundation Scholars Program 2024-2025 – APPLY NOW

Applications for the Getty Foundation Scholars Program 2024-2025 are now open. Getty Foundation is inviting researchers around the world who are passionate about art history and visual culture, and who are also aspired to conduct innovative research and contribute to the understanding and preservation of cultural heritage, to apply for the Getty Foundation’s Scholars Program 2024-25.

Getty Foundation Scholars Program

Getty Scholars Program

Getty Scholars Program provides an exceptional opportunity for researchers to immerse themselves in the world of art history and contribute to an international community of scholars.

Scholars in the program have the privilege of spending significant time at one of the world’s premier art history collections while engaging in intellectual exploration and exchange. The program offers residencies at both the Getty Center and Getty Villa, ensuring scholars have access to a rich array of resources and expertise.

About Getty Foundation

Getty Foundation is a renowned institution dedicated to the preservation and conservation of art and cultural heritage. With a rich history spanning decades, the foundation has played a pivotal role in supporting and advancing the field of arts and culture.

The Foundation operates with a mission to enhance understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Through their strategic grant programs and initiatives, they aim to foster the preservation, interpretation, and presentation of significant artworks and cultural heritage worldwide.

Getty Foundation provides substantial funding for scholars, art historians, and researchers to undertake in-depth studies, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and insights.

Benefits of the Getty Foundation Scholars Program

The Getty Foundation Scholars Program offers generous grants to support scholars during their residencies. The duration of the residency can range from three to nine months, with stipends corresponding to the length of stay. The stipend details are as follows:

  • Three-month residency: September–December/January–March; $21,500 stipend
  • Six-month residency: September–March/January–June; $43,000 stipend
  • Nine-month residency: September–June; $65,000 stipend
  • Established scholars may also be eligible for AAAHI Fellowships, which provide a nine-month residency with a $65,000 stipend. Doctoral candidates and recent PhD degree recipients can explore the Pre- and Postdoctoral Fellowships page for information on AAAHI Fellowship stipends.

Requirements for Getty Scholars Program 2024-25

To be considered for the Getty Foundation Scholars Program:

  • Applicants should have received a D. before 1st Sept. 2020. However, the program also welcomes applicants from associated fields who possess equivalent professional experience, even without a Ph.D.
  • Applicants who obtained their degree after September 1, 2020, should apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Documents Required for Application

When applying for the Getty Foundation Scholars Program, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • Project Proposal: A comprehensive description of the applicant’s proposed plan of study, not exceeding five pages. The proposal should clearly address the annual theme and explain how the project would benefit from the resources available at the Getty, including its library and collections. For AAAHI Fellowship applicants, the project should focus on generating new knowledge in the field of African American art history.
  • Curriculum Vitae: A detailed curriculum vitae outlining the applicant’s educational background, research experience, and relevant achievements.
  • Optional Writing Sample: Applicants may choose to include a writing sample that demonstrates their scholarly abilities and expertise in the field.

How to Apply for Getty Foundation Scholars Program 2024-2025?

To apply for the Getty Foundation Scholars Program;

Application Deadline

For the 2024-2025 Scholars Program, the application deadline is October 2, 2023.


Can applicants without a Ph.D. still apply for the Getty Foundation Scholars Program?

Yes, applicants from associated fields with commensurate professional experience are also considered.

What is the duration of the Getty Foundation Scholars Program residencies?

Residencies can be three, six, or nine months long, depending on the scholar’s preference and project requirements.

Are there specific themes for the annual projects?

Yes, applicants are encouraged to address the annual theme in their project proposal, except for AAAHI Fellowship applicants.

Is the AAAHI Fellowship available for doctoral candidates and recent PhD graduates?

Yes, AAAHI Fellowships provide opportunities for both established scholars and doctoral candidates/recent Ph.D. graduates.

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