Getstreaming – How to Cast to your TV Using the Getstreaming App

If you are looking for a way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from several video-streaming services then you should try to Get streaming TV.


With Get streaming TV, you can watch videos from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Plus, and many other popular video-streaming services. Furthermore, you don’t even have to watch them on tiny screens like your phone or laptop.

If your TV has an in-built Chromecast or you have an external casting device, you can cast programs from other movie-streaming platforms on your television screen. Sounds interesting right? Well, read on for more information.


Getstreaming is compatible with a lot of devices. This includes all Android devices, iPads, and iPhones. It is also compatible with desktops and laptops. This device allows you to find lots of free and premium content from more than a thousand apps on the Google Play Store.

How Getstreaming Works

As earlier stated, with this device, you get to cast your preferred shows, movies, and news on your TV from popular streaming services. All you need to watch movies on your TV screen using the Getstreaming service device is the unique Enter Code for your device.

You can connect both devices when you enter this code from your television into your mobile device. This will enable you to watch your favourite programs from other platforms on your television screen. And interestingly, you can easily find this code in the settings of most apps on your TV.

How to Cast to your TV Using the Getstreaming App

Casting your phone using the Getstreaming web client or app is straightforward and will take only a few minutes. However, you need to download the app on your mobile phone first. Thereafter, you can follow the steps below to achieve that

  • Firstly, turn your TV on.
  • Go to the Channel Guide.
  • Thereafter, from the list of channels available, select “Google Chromecast”.
  • Then, press the “Input” button on your remote.
  • Next, change the “Input” to HDMI using your remote control.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions, and connect your television to a wireless network like a Wi-Fi network.
  • The “Enter Code” will be displayed on the screen of your television. Input the code from your TV into Getstreaming Tv app on your mobile device.
  • Lastly, tap on the “Cast” button to connect your TV to your mobile device.

Thereafter, you can begin to cast movies, shows, and news from various services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Using the steps above, you’ll be able to cast your phone to this device service and watch your favourite television programs any time you want.

Things to Ensure Before Casting

There are some things to ensure before casting to your Getstreaming TV

  • Make sure that your TV supports Chromecast or has an in-built casting service.
  • Your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or any other device you are using to cast should be linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.
  • Ensure that you have the most recent version of the Chromecast-enabled application on your smartphone. Using Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store, you’ll be able to tell if or not you have the most recent version
  • Also, ensure that you get the right internet speeds for streaming.
  • Connect your Chromecast to the correct HDMI port of your TV screen.


What Does Getstreaming Offer You?

This service device allows users to watch videos from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and the likes using Enter Code.

Can I Make Use of My Mobile Phone While Streaming is Ongoing?

Yes, you can. After you’ve connected your mobile phone to Getstreaming Tv, you can still make use of your smartphone for other activities.

What is GetStreaming Enter Code?

This code allows users to connect their television to their mobile devices to stream movies. With this code, you can stream movies on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other video streaming services using a Wi-Fi connection.

Do You Have to Pay to Use Chromecast?

You don’t have to pay fees monthly for the Chromecast device after you have purchased it. However, apps like Netflix are not free. So, you will need to pay monthly or annual subscription fees for it.

Why is the Casting Not Working?

Multiple reasons cause difficulties in casting your device to your TV. This includes

  • Your phone, laptop, Chromecast, and TV are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • When you don’t have the current version of the Chromecast-enabled app on your mobile device.
  • Your Chromecast is not correctly connected to the HDMI port of your TV screen.
  • It could also be caused by poor Wi-Fi or router signal.
  • Also, you’ve probably entered the incorrect unique code from your TV screen into your mobile phone.

What are Some Alternatives to Getstreaming TV?

Some alternatives to this service device also allow you to stream videos from movie-streaming platforms are

  • Hulu Live TV.
  • Sling TV.
  • Fubo TV.
  • Peacock
  • Pluto TV.



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