Get Your Hands on a Fitbit Luxe for Just $90 Today

Get your hands on a Fitbit Luxe for just $90 today and get to save $40 in the process. This very stylish tracker can help keep up with your activity, sleep, and every other type of data, which as you should know can help you to hit all of your wellness and fitness goals.

Get a Fitbit Luxe for $90

Get a Fitbit Luxe for $90

Fitness trackers generally have all types of features that can help you to meet your fitness and wellness goals easily and effectively. They keep up with your activity levels as well as your progress, which can give you a straight path to goal-setting and help you to stay motivated along the way. And if you are looking for a stylish fitness tracker that will not make you break the bank, then you should consider the Fitbit Luxe.

This is one of the most favorite Fitbit models and among the best fitness trackers, you can get your hands on. And right about now, Amazon has cut the price down to just $90 which is $40 in savings, thus making it one of the best Fitbit deals that you can get your hands on right now.

Why You Should Buy the Fitbit Luxe Device

Unlike many of the bulkier competitors out there currently, the Luxe has a subtle, slim, and sleek design that works very well with smaller wrists. And it also has plenty of accessory bands available in the event that you want to make it look even fancier. And as for data, the Luxe will help track your activity, sleep, stress, and also heart rate, and it is also water resistant, so you can get to wear it in the shower or while you are out swimming.

And if you get to pair the device with your phone, you can also get notifications right on your wrist although the small screen may be harder to read than on other models.

Specs and Features

The battery of the device as you should know lasts up to five days per every single charge. Plus, your buy comes with a 6-month trial of Fitbit Premium, so long as you get to activate the trial within the first 60 days that you utilize the device.

This Fitbit in particular does not offer GPS, contactless payment, or even the electrodermal activity sensor that is available on other models, but if however you don’t need all of those features, the Luxe is such a great medium to save some money on a chic fitness tracker with many tracking features for the average user.



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