Get a Refurb Pixel Mobile Monitor and Take a Second Screen on the Go

Get a refurb Pixel mobile monitor and take a second screen on the go. These portable monitors as you should know are very slick and versatile. And as of this writing, you can get your hands on a used model for as little as $160.

Get a Refurb Pixel Mobile Monitor and Take a Second Screen on the Go

Get a Refurb Pixel Mobile Monitor and Take a Second Screen on the Go

One thing that can really boost productivity is adding another monitor to your workstation. And once you get to make the switch, you will never want to go back to a single monitor setup again. You can easily lug a huge 32-inch 4K monitor beside you, but you should know that there are slimmer and slicker screens that are designed to be portable, and right about now you can get one at a really excellent price.

Only ta Woot today there is a selection of refurbished Pixels mobile monitors on sale with their prices starting at just $160. This very sale ends at 9:59 PT tonight. And some models on the other hand may even get to sell out before then, so it is recommended that you get in your order as soon as possible if you wish to not miss out on these savings.

All the Available Monitors Are Refurbished In This Deal

All the available monitors are refurbished which simply means that they may show signs of slight tear and wear, but however, have been tested and made sure to be in excellent working conditions. This la also comes backed up by Woot’s 90-day limited warranty, which means that you are covered in the event that you get to run into any problems in the first couple of months.

Specs and Features of the Refurb Pixel Mobile Monitor

If you are one of those persons who don’t mind some scrapes and dings, this very sale is an excellent chance to get your hands on a sleek monitor that you can get to take anywhere at a really great price. The Pixels Trio at $160 is the most affordable option and model you will get to find at this sale. The model as you should know features a 12.5-inch full display and it connects your laptop, PC, or even your Nintendo switch making use of a USB-A or USB-C cable.

You can also connect two at a time if you wish to go all out with a triple-monitor setup. Or if you prefer a bigger display, you can get the Duex Max for $180. And at 14.1 inches, this model has the biggest screen of any monitor on this sale, and it is extremely portable at just 0.35 inches thick. And if in the event the 14 inches is a bit bigger for your needs, you can get the 13.3-inch Duex Plus for just $180 as well.


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